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Goeventz is a highly convenient online event and recreation listing platform offering Bangalore residents a world of fun and amazement. Our website features the top family entertainment destinations and theme parks across the city. We are partners with some of the most prominent event organisers and park owning bodies in Bangalore. Using our innovative and feature-rich website, those in Bangalore can get their fill of pure excitement and joy. If you are looking for the best way of unwinding over the weekend or enjoying the company of loved ones, check out the various theme, water and amusement parks in Bangalore. They offer enough attractions to keep up the excitement from the morning to the evening. Bangalore is a fun loving city and it offers ample chances for you to let your hair down.

Get ready to have a truly exhilarating latter half of 2019 in the Garden City. If you want to jump in joy and beat the heat in style, we have got you covered. Attraction wise, the city has some of the best water parks and themed locations in the country. Many of these cater not just children and teenagers, but also have various offerings for adults as well. Those who are solely focused on a great time with every member of the family can find exactly that at Bangalore’s parks. If one desires more than just splashing attractions and traditional rides, there are adventure options galore. From zip rides and go-karting, to target shooting and rope climbing, you can easily satiate your quest for adventure. Take a look at the Goeventz website’s Bangalore section and you will browse through a variety of vividly different experiences.

Enjoy Amazing Excitement at Bangalore Theme and Water Parks Your gateway to unabashed excitement and entertainment begins with us at Goeventz. To know about the most happening parks and recreation facilities in Bangalore, just go through the website section dedicated to the city. You will be able to plan an exciting array of weekend activities at leading Bangalore destinations. Every family member and friend accompanying you can have the time of their life. We have only listed the best destinations in Bangalore as we only deliver breathtaking and satisfying experiences. If you are interested in seeing off your summer woes for the weekend, a water park or family entertainment location can be there best option. We are directly associated with some of the leading park owners and can get your tickets instantly. With our innovative platform, you can also experience attractive deals and offers for many Bangalore destinations.

Bangalore might be a major IT hub of India, but it is also a city of people who like living life to the fullest. Every weekend is a time for Bangaloreans of all ages to let go of their stresses and have a fantastic time. The presence of several excellent amusement parks in the city makes things easier. Especially during the hotter summer months, locals and tourists alike like to unwind at the many themed destinations of the city. Unlike many other cities in India, Bangalore’s more modern spirit and cultural identity are interwoven beautifully with themed destinations. You can choose to keep away from thrill rides at the different parks and still have a great time exploring other attractions. For instance, you and your loved ones race each other, practice your sharpshooting skills and have a day of full-fledged adventure. The best amusement parks in Bangalore also comply with international standards of quality. So you can always be assured of complete safety and quality amenities to ensure your comfort. If you do love feeling the thrill of exhilarating and nerve-wracking amusement rides, Bangalore does not disappoint. Some highlights you can expect to come across are - the first reverse looping roller coaster in India, jaw-dropping vertical rides, and ones that will definitely give you an adrenaline rush. If you are not looking for that much of intense excitement, Bangalore water parks also offer wave pools and relaxing lazy rivers. Several parks in the city offer as many as 50-60 rides each, for all age groups. 

To gain full information about the list of rides and attractions of popular destinations, just check out their respective pages on the Goeventz website. We assure you that we have many amusement options in Bangalore to keep you busy and excited for weeks. All information you find on our website is completely accurate and updated. Rely on us to show you how to have a great time in Bangalore. Have the Time of Your Life at Bangalore Theme Parks If you are left wondering what are the best ways to enjoy your time during the daytime, a visit to one of Bangalore’s leading theme parks will sort you out. Whether you are an individual visiting them with a group of friends, or taking your entire family, all your amusement needs can be suited. There are even different attractions for kids, teenagers, adults and senior citizens. The topmost park owners have made sure that no member of the family feels left out. Another fact that will inspire you is that each of the top parks offer completely unique experiences. So, it will be easier for you to make a bucket list of activities and attractions to try out every week. Bangalore destinations listed on our portal all offer great options of food & beverages, and all other amenities required by guests. You and those accompanying you can sit down for a bite and sip when you’re tired out from having too much fun.

With Goeventz, Bangalore residents also get the opportunity to book park slots for organising their own special events and parties. If you are interested in an arrangement like that, we can definitely help you out. Some of the best water parks and themed family entertainment parks in the city offer such facilities. Our tie-ups with all major park authorities help us speed up the process of special bookings. We are with you, to ensure that you can have completely unforgettable and hassle-free experience. Book your slots with us to have a truly great time with your family, friends or acquaintances. We are dedicated to helping you enjoy to the fullest. We Offer the Most Convenient Bangalore Theme Park Booking Experiences Countless Bangalore residents and tourists in the city rely on us for their amusement ticket booking needs consistently. It has to do with the easy booking experience we offer to the users of our service. Every time you are eager to book slots for parks in Bangalore, we are ready to ensure fast and smooth service. 

To aid your booking efforts, we have made available full information regarding every single park, its rides, attractions, weekend activities and amenities. Simply clicking on a Bangalore park’s designated link will take you to its booking page. There you can find details regarding available booking dates, timing schedules, contact information and exact addresses. Additionally, you can go through the rules listed by Bangalore parks to which you have to comply. If you want the most convenient booking experience, we are ready to help you out. Our online ticket booking system for Bangalore themed and water parks is quite efficient and always available. We help countless individuals, groups and families instantly purchase tickets for their favourite parks even on short notice. The process itself is quite simple and intuitive, enabling any person to buy tickets without any problems. If you are using our site to book Bangalore park tickets, just choose a park on the Bangalore page and click it to enter the booking page. All that you are required to do next is select their day of visit, select the quantity of tickets. You can choose to purchase several ticket types at once on our platform. We also make offers and discounts available from time to time, which you can apply during checkout. Bangalore fun lovers can expert a fully encrypted payment gateways system that offers complete security for their information. If you are booking for a group, just fill up the group form. We are always ready to listen to any concerns you might have regarding booking tickets to some of the best water parks, amusement parks and family entertainment destinations in Bangalore. At Goeventz, we value your satisfaction above all else. Get in touch with us anytime for instant help.