10 Must Dos on the New Year’s Eve if You are in Bangalore

10 Must Dos on the New Year’s Eve if You are in Bangalore

Time flies by. 2017 is at its tail end and we are fired up to hail 2018 with a bang. Pick up the party hats, the glittering clothes and all that can amp up your pleasure and mirth quotient on the final day of the year as the scene in Bangalore is about to plunge into a ball. India’s IT capital is all geared up to welcome the much-awaited break and give the slip to cramped muscles, tired eyes and tension. The lookout for the best things to do and best places to go to on the New Year’s Eve is on and here we are saving you time with some worthy suggestions. Scroll down to get an inside look at what we have readied for you.

1. Wander through the Lumbini Gardens

lumbini GardensEnding the year on a nature-filled tone with your close ones is a great way to bid adieu to 2017. The gorgeous garden, which is a park on the Nagawara Lake and stretching over 1.5
Km along the lake is a haven to spend lovely moments. In case you are taking your kids
along, this one-off amusement park features wave pool and boating. Abuzz with with the
excited sounds of kids who are getting a taste of nature in all its beauty, the park is what
you can ideally call a family package. A perfect station for events and get-togethers, Lumbini
Gardens gives you the opportunity to celebrate the departure of the present year in the
midst of nature’s serenity. Add spark to your celebration by enjoying a meal on the "Golden
Pearl" floating restaurant. Explore the delicious dishes churned out by the chefs and enjoy
dining amidst the elements. This floating dine out is a leisure getaway.

Location – Nagawara Lake, Ring Rd, Hebbal, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560045

Timings – 11AM–7PM

Entry Fee – ₹50 for entrance. Wave pool and boating rides have separate fees.

Contact Number – 093434 44646

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2. Explore Bannerghatta National Park

With the garden city unfolding a red carpet on the New Year’s Eve, what can hold you back
from the Bannerghatta National Park? Fraught with the gifts of nature, it is a hub for nature
lovers and children. Be ready to respond to the revelation of beauty presented by the sight
of butterflies in the butterfly enclosure. Visit the snake house and untangle the slippery coil,
albeit in your mind. If you and your group are not yet satisfied, the zoo, with its array of
animal display in natural habitat is surely going to catch you unawares. Play on the thrill of
the wilderness by opting for a tiger and lion safari through a closed and well-protected
vehicle, in most cases a jeep authorized by the park management. A trip in the middle of
greenery, via the Mattubunde hillock proffers you the chance to be inspired by the
astounding view of the valleys and hillocks embedded with lush green forests.
It does not end here! You may work up a bit of sweat by hiking or trekking in the park and
prepare yourself for a groovy night on the dance floor.

Location – Bannerghatta Road, Bannerghatta Circle, Bannerghatta, Near Shiva Temple,
Bannerughatta, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560083
Timings – 9AM–5:30PM (Wednesday closed)
Entry Fee – Zoo – ₹80 for adults, ₹40 for children; Grand Safari – ₹260 for adults, ₹130 for
children; Butterfly Park – ₹30 for adults, ₹20 for children.
Contact Number – 088844 14268

3. Set Out the Perfect Party in Your Home

New Year parties

New Year’s Eve and no party? That’s quite a torture for those who eat, drink and sleep
merriment. If you are among those who simply love to play the host, this is the right time to

turn your home into an oasis for party mongers? Keep arrangement anxiety at a safe
distance by opting for the services of professional agencies that can give you a leg up in this
matter. Expend on a bartender to ante things up a little and as an added step, skip the
cheap ale with some classic stuff. If it’s a party, you simply cannot say no to music and I bet,
your gang would love to get submerged in music for letting 2018 tumble in. Rent a karaoke
machine and give yours, as well as, your pals’ musical affinity a slight provocation. The fun
that disseminates can put a lot of activities to rest.
What is an occasion without memories? Get a photo corner built in your room with a bright
cloth in the background and hanging string lights. Additionally, you can make way for
moustache and wigs to help capture exciting stills.
Your friends are home and some of them may well wish to settle down with a glass of
quality drink after ringing in the New Year. Just hire a projector and get things going.
Not forgetting the menu (both food and drinks), make sure that there is something for
everyone, unless you wish some of the invited to leave unfed.

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4. Pub Hopping is Quite an Option

The famed pubs of Bangalore are your partner to greet the New Year with a bash. Check out
the popular clubs, such as High Ultra Lounge, Sanctum Club, No Limmits Lounge & Club and
more. They will never make you regret your decision, as the clubs are surefire destinations
for an awesome time.

New Year parties

5. Art Lovers, Chill out in Your Favorite Haunt

Art lovers would love to spend their time appreciating the many specimens of art and craft.
The MG Road Metro Station, the National Gallery of Modern Art, Karnataka Chitrakala
Parisath and Mahua show how newness and novelty can be ushered in with art. Brimming
with the charm of photography, puppet shows, exhibitions, museum shop, sculptures,
paintings and more, the art centers of Bangalore are a gesture for the admirers of art to
take a dip into the finesse of meticulous handwork on clay, metal and canvas.

6. Dig into the Layers of MG Road

A happening New Year’s celebration does not always call for shelling out money. Set foot on
MG Road and you will realize what I mean. A street party breaking out right in the middle of
the road in the middle of the night is a festive glee you cannot afford to miss. Street food,
cafes and restaurants to beat your hunger pangs are a must, as you will surely be in need of
energy bursting from within you. If Bangalore has anything to offer which is meant for all
and anon, this is the place. Alive and bubbling, MG Road in every nook and corner is a
gladness to experience and trust us, you will have a lifetime of memories from this single


7. Garuda Mall – a Paradise for Many

A warm and spirited atmosphere welcomes you when you step inside the Garuda Mall in
Bangalore. Fun, fun and just fun, describes your time spent, as New Year’s Eve is the perfect
time to make merry like no one is watching you. Concerts, activities and live music load the
occasion with mirth, enjoyment and jollity.

Location – 15, Magrath Road, Craig Park Layout, Ashok Nagar, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560025
Timings – 10AM–10PM

8. Leave no Stone Unturned on Brigade Road, Just have Fun


Pedestrians and motorists thronging the Brigade Road on the New Year’s Eve is a sight you
should make a point to behold and an event you ought to be a part of. If you wish to be in
the thick of things, never hesitate to take the stride to joviality and make the most of the
fun that awaits you. Dance with the pedestrians to your heart’s content or just sing along to
the tunes of the DJ music, no one is going to stop or even judge you. The New Year is a time
when your inner self agrees to no restraint and lapping up to the fullest is your right,
provided you keep yourself safe. So, what are you waiting for? Hug the glee and elation
tight, so that you do not lose the gaiety of the situation by any chance.

9. Delve into the Folds of Indian Architecture

Exploring Indian architecture and archaeology gets a boost when you plan to take a trip to
Tipu Sultan’s Palace and Bangalore Palace. The splendid abode of Tipu Sultan highlighting
ornamental art and architecture is a walk to the eons gone by. With its floral designs and
wooden architecture, the palace makes a striking mark on the minds of visitors.

When it comes to royal splendor, it is not justified to step aside the Bangalore Palace. Gothic
windows, fortified towers, resemblance to the Windsor Castle, gardens and such other
notable traits make the structure a magnificent sight. Spice up your New Year with
exhibitions and cultural performances that speak tonnes about the Mysore Empire and its
lost heritage.

Location – Tipu Sultan’s Palace – Albert Victor Road, Chamrajpet, Near Bengaluru Medical
College, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560018

Bangalore Palace – Palace Road, Near Mount Carmel Institute Of Management, Vasanth
Nagar, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560052

Timings – Tipu Sultan’s Palace – 9AM–5:30PM
Bangalore Palace – 10AM–5PM

Entry Fee – Tipu Sultan’s Palace – Rs. 15/- for Indians/ Rs.200/- for foreigners

Bangalore Palace – Rs. 225 per head for Indians/Rs. 450 for foreigners

Contact Number – Tipu Sultan’s Palace – 080 2670 6836

Bangalore Palace – 080 2235 2828

10. GoKarna Beach is an Illuminating Presence

The hippest New Year destinations are not necessarily a discotheques. Mark your calendars
to get ready for kicking off the New Year in style. Join many more enthusiasts like you, of all
ages, to cherish the days to come and to wish a sayonara to the passing year. Thanks to the
party in the woods, the lantern festival is going to take your breath away with its glittering
ambiance in the vast carpet of the celestial expanse.
Spotting the place is not a big deal. Far from the madding crowd, this beach is home to the
fairy lights that beckon you with soothing alacrity at the stroke of midnight. Reach before
the New Year eve to relax in the cozy embrace of the hammocks and huts acknowledging
you with utmost hospitality. Get inside the forest or explore the beach if you have time
enough to make the most of the hours, prior to the lantern lighting. If you are a beach bum,
no other destination can be as good as this, with its presentation of nature and fun in a
single envelope.
Location – GoKarna

Acquaint yourself with this list to be able to steer in the New Year with warmth, joviality and

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