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10 types of people we meet in Holi.

10 types of people we meet in Holi.

Holi is a festival when people go all out and don’t care about being perfect or what other
people would think of them. As the famous saying goes “Bura Na Mano, Holi Hai” or
“don’t get offended, it is Holi. Therefore, Holi is a festival of no judgments. The main
idea is to let go and have fun!
However, it is true that you will find many different kinds of people at Holi events and
celebrations. Here is a fun-filled list of such people that makes Holi more interesting:

1. The Enthu-Bunch
The first and foremost are a bunch of enthusiastic people who wait and prepare for Holi
for months. Of course, they are the ones loaded with all kinds of appropriate accessories
for the occasion like the automatic water tankers, water balloons, playing colors of
various shades and much more. You name it, and the bunch would have it ready. Having
such people in your gang helps because then you are not short of anything.

2. The Ones Who Try to Avoid

full color
Then, comes the second category that tries to avoid playing Holi every year but still gets
dragged in the end. But you must note that these are the ones who enjoy the most ones
they are out of their cocoon. They are also a must-have in your gang to add some
excitement every year on Holi.

3. The Ones Loaded with Colors

The next type is the ones loaded with colors or the color squad. Their sole purpose is to
color everyone and everything around them because it is Holi. But the good thing is that
they have all varieties of colors with them, so they are also a good company to have in
your gang.

4. The Ones who only Care About the Ghujiya
Then comes the type for whom Holi is a synonym of Ghujiya, and they are always on a
lookout for the amazing Ghujiya everywhere. They visit family, friends and even
restaurants to try out the best Ghujiya. Why not? You don’t get to have the delicious,
mouth-watering Ghujiya all the time. It is true that you can’t have enough of it no matter
how much you have!

5. The Ultra-High on Bhang
The funny bunch who start their Holi with Bhang are also an interesting bunch to hang
out with. These people are super high on bhang and enjoy the festival at a whole new
level. Just observing them can be a funny experience that you might not want to miss

6. The Ones with Water Balloons

The ones obsessed with water balloons are the crazy bunch that you might want to
avoid. They have balloons loaded with colored water with them and aim to hit the
passers-by on the streets. These balloons, sometimes, hit quite hard so staying away
from them can be a good option.

7. The Street Kids

street kids
Then comes the street kids who want to paint all the passers-by, friends, family and
basically everyone they come across on the streets. There is no way to appease these
street kids, so it is best to play with them and enjoy with them. After all, it is Holi, and
we all need to leave all the inhibitions and find the small child in us.

8. The Neighbor Aunties
The neighbor aunties are also funny ones, and you must definitely visit them to have
some amazing Holi-special delicacies. If you are lucky enough and happen to see them
high on bhang, it would be a funnier experience to see them laugh out loud for no real

9. The Ones who will not leave you Alone
There is one type of people who want everyone to join the Holi festivities and would not
leave you alone at any cost. They will make sure that you come out and also enjoy the
festival. No reasons are justified enough for them not to be a part of the Holi festival.

10. The Foodies
Of course, last but not the least comes the foodie kinds who look out for the best Holi
delicacies everywhere. They leave no stones unturned to find the best Holi-special food.
It is perfect to hang out with them because they will make sure that you try every single
type of palatable food!

Holi is an occasion of letting go and enjoying to the core. It is a festival when no one
judges anyone, and the sole purpose is to have fun. These ten types of people are the
highlight of the festival, and they are the ones who make this festival truly interesting.
The best way to enjoy Holi is to be around some of them and let them take the lead. It is
a guarantee that you will enjoy every bit of the festival with them.
Hope you find some of the best companies this Holi and have an exciting one. 

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