6 reasons you must watch ‘Google Gadothgajan’.

6 reasons you must watch ‘Google Gadothgajan’.

Ever watched Google Gadothgajan or feeling dicey about watching these plays. I am sure these 6 reasons will definitely convince you to watch this play.

1. Crazy Mohan has scripted both story and dialogue for ‘Google Gadothgajan’ so you can understand how hilarious it will be.

2. If you liked Crazy Mohan’s Chocolate Krishna then Google Gadothgajan is a must watch as it is sequel of Chocolate Krishna.

3. Watch Lord Brahma took time off from his usual routine of creating the world and instead deliver a few rib ticklers.

google gadothgajan

4. If you want to be bombarded with Tonnes of jokes then you must watch Google Gadothgajan.

5. Ever fantasized of Gods and demons making you laugh, tickling your funny bone; if yes then Google Gadothgajan will fulfill your fantasy.

6. You don’t have to worry about your kids as this play is meant for children of all ages.

Satisfied with all these reasons. Getting that urge to watch Crazy Mohans’ Google Gadothgajan then hurry up and book tickets now


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