7 Reasons why one should be using Ansible.

7 Reasons why one should be using Ansible.

Ansible is an open source IT tool for managing and deploying servers and configurations. It models your IT infrastructure so that it doesn’t manage only one system at a time. Instead, it knows how your systems are inter-related, therefore making multi-tier deployments simpler.

There are lot of big advantages of Ansible over other tools and that’s why it is used by many IT personnel.

Here are our top 7 reasons why one must consider using Ansible:

Advantages of Ansible

1) It is so simple to use than to do manual stuff or shell scripting, even for a local install and configuration.

2) You can use Ansible for any task or project that requires repeatable processes and a consistent environment, such as provisioning IoT devices and server infrastructure, installation and configuration of applications, and application deployment.

3) Ansible is loaded up with features that provide time and resource efficiency for an IT organization.

4) Ansible is the safest to use as it uses the OpenSSH daemon and certificate system, which is the most secure remote management system that is available.

5) Ansible does not contain custom file server implementation, it is impossible for a managed host to request files or templates meant for another machine.

6) From lowering the costs of infrastructure management to increasing replication speed for scalability, Ansible does it all.

7) Ansible provides more advanced management flows, such as roles, which are a further level of abstraction that can be useful for organizing playbooks.

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