Animals have Feelings too! Join Hands for Better Future of Animals.

Animals have Feelings too! Join Hands for Better Future of Animals.

Only when we have become nonviolent towards all life will we have learned to live well with others. – ― César Chávez

Animals have always been thought of as lesser beings who should be controlled by humans. And we as humans have always kept us high in the hierarchy of superiority and we try to gain control of each and every thing. Humans have left no stone un-turned in exploiting the animals citing various reasons.

They argue that Animals don’t think, are not really conscious, don’t have souls, don’t behave morally, don’t have emotions and many more such stuff. It doesn’t matter how useful they are to the world, what matters is that they too are living beings, they too have a soul, they too feel the pain, they too have emotions and if trained well they do behave as per rules. SO, animals should have all the rights in the same way, for the same reasons, and to the same extent that human beings have.


We as humans doesn’t have the right to exploit the animals in whatever way we want.

Nowadays even humans are not following the set rules and laws and behaving like demons, but then also they are being called as humans. Infact a pet animal do behave in a much civilized manner, they care for humans, they are loyal. Then why does the rule apply to just animals just because they are not humans.

This 4th February, MASH Project will question the existence of Animal rights with the right people for the right audience. If you too feel that animals are not treated well and you should be fighting for their rights then Join Mash Mixer for a better future for animals.

WHEN: Feb 4 2017
WHERE: Hyderabad

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