Presenting, wackiest facts about dubstep phenomenon ‘Skrillex’

Presenting, wackiest facts about dubstep phenomenon ‘Skrillex’

We all are huge fans of Skrillex. And the news of him coming to India was like a dream come true. Thousands of hearts started beating, thousands legs started shaking, thousands started swooning and thousands got crazy. So, is the effect of Skrillex tour to India. He has won 6 Grammy awards for his work as a DJ and is one of the most happening icons on internet. Now as Skrillex is touring India and performing in different states, you all must know some important facts about your favorite DJ. Here are some of the wackiest facts about Skrillex you must know.

1. Skrillex real name is Sonny John Moore.

2. Before Skrillex his previous stage name was actually “Twipz”

3. The name Skrillex doesn’t have any meaning. His buddies used to call him “Skrilly” and “Skril”, so he added the “ex” and that’s how the name ‘Skrillex’ was coined.

4. He loves Skateboarding so much, that despite his crazy tour schedule he still sneakes out plenty of time for his favorite sport!


5. He’s a huge Sci-Fi nerd

6. Skirllex started producing music at the age of 13!

7. The first album Skrillex ever bought was Marilyn Manson’s “Antichrist Superstar”!

8. Skrillex has done a cameo as well as a soundtrack in the recently released animated movie ‪#‎wreckitralph?

9. Kanye West has mad love for Skrilly


10. Determined to do things in DIY fashion, he sold his demos at shows all packaged in blue envelopes featuring unique drawings he made.

11. After quitting from First To Last after suffering from ‘vocal chord problems’, he himself confessed that Singing was never his real passion

12. His ‘hairdo’ is so famous that there’s a fake Skrillex hair Twitter and even Taylor Swift was seen sporting his look. Huge fan following hhmm..


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