One Holi and the different type of celebration in different parts of India.

One Holi and the different type of celebration in different parts of India.

Holi is celebrated with a lot of excitement all across India. But the specialty of Indian culture is its diversity. Every part of India celebrates the same festival with their own uniqueness. The cultural spirit remains the same, but they always find a way to make it their own in some way. Here are some of the interesting ways in which Holi is celebrated in different parts of India:
1. Royal Holi of Rajasthan
The Rajasthanis know how to make everything royal, and they apply it to the festival of Holi as well. Celebrated across the state, Holi is marked by a bonfire that signifies burning of all the evils away with the fire. It is celebrated with great pomp and show by the Royal family in Udaipur. The horses are decorated in the same vein. There is also a royal band to play music and set the scene for enjoyment.

2. Lathmar Holi of Uttar Pradesh

lathmar holi
Holi is known to have its origin in the Barsana region in Uttar Pradesh. It includes the cities of Vrindavan, Mathura, etc. where Lord Krishna is known to have played Holi. But the Lathmar Holi is interesting because it is played with colors as well as a long wooden stick. The women use the wooden sticks or lathis to chase men away but it is all done in a friendly manner, and the men are also prepared for it.

3. Rang Panchami in Maharashtra
Maharashtra’s Holi celebration is also an interesting one. It is celebrated on the 5th day after the burning of Holika. They celebrate it with a lot of colors and delicious food. It is fun to see the people of Maharashtra celebrate Holi.

4. Paguwa of Bihar

bihar holi
Bihar is known for its craziness during the Holi festival. It starts with the burning of Holika and is followed by playing Holi with natural colors. There is also a lot of singing and dancing during the festival. Groups of people sing the local folk music and perform folk dances in the festival. It is called Paguwa in theBhojpuri language.

5. Manjal Kuli of Kerala
People might think that Holi is not as popular in the Southern part of India as it is in the North. But, there are some communities in the South that have their own distinct way of celebrating Holi. Manjal Kuli is one such tradition in Kerala. It is celebrated in Gosripuram Thirumala in a Konkani temple with a lot of colors and enjoyment.

6. Shigmo in Goa
Shigmo is more like a spring festival in Goa where farmers and locals come down to streets and perform folk dances. It is also a way of welcoming spring with a lot of happiness and joy. It is an interesting festival and even the foreign tourists visiting Goa don’t want to miss out on it. They also participate and enjoy the festival.

7. Dol Jatra and Basant Utsav in West Bengal

westbengla holi
Dol Jatra is the celebration of Holi where idols of Radha and Krishna are taken to the streets, and many people participate in it. It is a fun event because boy spray colored water at girls and they enjoy this event. Also, Basant Utsav is celebrated the same day that marks as the advent of the spring season, so everyone dresses up in yellow clothes to welcome spring.

8. Hola Mohalla in Punjab
Hola Mohalla or we can call it a warrior Holi is celebrated in Punjab by a section of the Sikh population known as Nihang Sikhs. They celebrate Holi by exhibiting martial arts and also a lot of singing. It is a popular tradition amongst this Sikh community in Punjab.

9. Yaoshang in Manipur

It is interesting to note that Holi is celebrated for six days starting on the full moon day. It is a great mix of Hindu tradition with their local indigenous tradition. Thabal Chongba is the main highlight of the festival. It is a local folk dance which is performed during the festival and is much appreciated by the people. They also play with colors and enjoy during the festival.

10. Phakuwah in Assam
Phakuwah in Assam is similar to the Dol Jatra in West Bengal. However, it is celebrated over a period of two days where the first day is marked by burning of clay huts that signify Holika. Whereas on the second-day people go all out with colors and enjoy to the core.
Hence, it is clearly evident that Holi is an important festival across India. No matter what they call it, the basic essence remains the same. The main idea is to celebrate the victory of good over evil and to celebrate it with colors. Each culture in India brings out their heritage by performing the local folk dance and music. It is not just fun to be a part of it but great fun to witness it as well. Therefore, Holi remains a festival that brings everyone closer.

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