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Other Than India, Holi is being Celebrated in these Countries.

Other Than India, Holi is being Celebrated in these Countries.

Holi is a festival of pomp and joy. People in India love to celebrate Holi by playing with colors,
having delicious food and meeting close friends & relatives. It is usually celebrated in the month
of March with the arrival of summer in most parts of India. People go all out and make sure they
enjoy every bit of this festival. However, it is interesting to note that Holi is not just celebrated in
India but around the world too. With huge Indian diaspora living in so many countries, there is
always a lot of enthusiasm in them to celebrate these Indian festivities. Moreover, the fun and
frolic of this festival have also made it popular amongst the foreigners.
Here are some of the countries outside India where Holi is celebrated with equal enthusiasm
and vigor:
1. Holi Celebration in Canada

Holi in canada
Holi is a time when you can see colors all around with nice decorations around the streets and a
festive mood in people. With a high number of Indians living in Canada, there are celebrations
not just within the respective communities but also big events organized by Indians residing
there for generations. The interesting thing is that the local Canadians also love to participate in
such events wholeheartedly. In fact, last year, some celebration was also seen in the Canadian
Parliament with some politicians of Indian origin went all out and participated in the celebration.
It is great to see the openness of the Canadians towards a completely different culture.
2.Holi Celebration in USA
The United States of America is another country with ahuge number of theIndian community in
various parts of the country. There are also several religious & spiritual groups like ISKON, Isha
Foundation and some others that are very popular in the country. So, Holi events are organized
both at individual or community level as well as by these spiritual groups too. Every year, the
scale of such eventskeeps increasing,and it sees more number of participants. The events
organized in New York are particularly very famous,and people travel from distant areas to
witness the celebration. It is also a great way for children of Indian origin to learn about the
culture of their roots.
3. Holi Celebration in Germany
Holi celebration in Munich, Germany is one of the most known in Europe. Interestingly, many
Germans participate in this event and enjoy it as much as a person of Indian origin. There are
arrangements of good Indian music centered around Holi and of course, unlimited colors. In
Germany also, there are large scale events of spiritual groups like the Art of Living and others
that contribute immensely towards making such events a success. The splendor and joy during
Holi in Germany are spectacular.


4. Holi Celebration in Australia
Australia, again being one of the countries with many Indians settled through generations, has fascinating Holi events. These events are marked by some discussions on the history of Holi and the religious sentiments attached to it. They use non-toxic and organic colors to make sure it does not harm the skin of the people who want to participate in Holi. Melbourne is the place
where the largest Holi events are organized,and people from the neighboring places come to participate and enjoy these events.

5. Holi Celebration in South Africa
South Africa, with many Indian communities settled there, celebrates Holi with great happiness
and enthusiasm. Especially, the Gujarati community in South Africa makes it a point to celebrate
Holi in the best possible way. Moreover, there are also Indian communities from Uttar Pradesh,
Tamil Nadu,etc. that continues with Hindu traditions. Therefore, Holi marks as an important
festival for most of them and they make sure it is celebrated well.

6. Holi Celebration in theUnited Kingdom
With the colonial legacy, there is a huge number of Indian community settled in the United Kingdom (UK). They don’t want to miss out on the pomp of this festival just because they are away from their home countries. Therefore, you can witness a lot of Holi parades with people carrying balloons and can of colors to throw at each other. Being a part of such parades is fun. It is also a time when people meet friends and families to exchange gifts and have the delicious Holi-special food prepared by every family. It is truly a fun-filled event in the UK.

In sum, Holi is a festival celebrated not just in India but across the world. These are just a glimpse of some of the events celebrated in these big countries. It is also true that wherever there is an Indian community, even if it is a small number of people, you will definitely find Holi celebration and events. It also brings people together and creates a bond of love and affection.

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