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Play Organic Holi With These Homemade Items.

Play Organic Holi With These Homemade Items.

Holi is a time when people come together to celebrate life with a plethora of colors. Come
March every year,and there is no excuse good enough to avoid Holi. However, there is always a
dilemma that you face about the Holi colors that seem quite innocent but can affect not only
the environment but also your health to a great extent.
Playing Holi with organic colors is always a good idea to not only play it uninhibitedly but also to
not harm yourself during this festive occasion. There are many ways of making organic colors
with easy-to- find homemade items. Some choose to buy organiccolors from the market,but
nothing can beat homemadecolors made out of organic ingredients found in the kitchen or
your backyard. This is because you know the exact source of each of the ingredients used to
make them. Moreover, these colors can actually improve your skin and other body ailments.
Let’s check out some of the top homemade items that can be used to make organic Holi colors!
1. Rose Petals & Hibiscus Flower

rose petal
Red is, perhaps, the most important color when you play Holi. Red color not just looks elegant
but is also very significant in the Hindu tradition. It is the epitome of sensuality, purity,
grace,andtraditionin India. It is quite easy to make one of these red organic Holi colors at home.
You just need some dry rose petals that have been dehydrated in the sun. Once they are ready,
you can grind them in a mixer to get a finely powdered form. You can even mix some flour in it
to increase the quantity of the color. If you want to go all out, you can even mix a bit of red
sandalwood powder to the Holi color to make your after-Holi skin glow like never before.
Another great option is to add red hibiscus flower to the mix after drying and grinding it
thoroughly to maintain a powdered consistency and get that vibrant red color. If you wish to
get a wet red color at home, all you have to do is mix some water with the sandalwood powder
to get a diluted mix.
2. Neem Leaves
Green has always been a color of festivities and freshness. It is a symbol of happiness, nature,and life. Making a green organic Holi color at home is a cakewalk. To start with, mix a good quantity of powdered henna with flour to get afresh and vibrant green color. Make sure you use apure henna powder that does not contain any additional ingredients. It will give you a nice green color and also nourishment at the same time. Additionally, you can also use neem leaves after boiling them in water. Let the water cool down and use the diluted content as your organic Holi color.
3. Turmeric Powder & Marigold Flowers

Yellow is a color of brightness, learning, peace, meditation,and knowledge. Therefore, using
organic yellow color this Holi can bring a lot of joy and optimism in your life. Making this color
at home is the easiest of all and can be done using the ingredients you can easily find in every
Indian household. All you need is a good quality gram flour with natural, organic and pure
turmeric powder. Mix them well in 4:2 quantity and boil with some marigold or
chrysanthemum flowers to get a wet version of a yellow Holi color.
4. Blue Gulmohar
Making blue color is considered very auspicious in the event of Holi because it is a symbol of
determination and bravery. Moreover, everyone knows that Gods Krishna and Lord Rama had
blue colored skin and it is another symbol of the victory of good over evil. You can use Neeli
Gulmohar that is prevalent and can be used in the powdered and dried form. You can even mix
it with some water to get a liquid version of the same.

5. Beetroot
Making purple color is also not a difficult task. To begin with, you can chop a kilo or two of
beetroot and boil them in a pressure cooker with some water in it. After a few whistles (maybe
7-8), let itcool down. Remove the excess water and retain the diluted version. You can use this
as fresh liquid color or store it in your fridge and use it later when your guests arrive.

Regardless of the colors you choose, choosing to go the organic way is definitely more
attractive than using toxic colors full of harmful ingredients that you find in the market.
Moreover, they are easy to make and good for your body and skin. Also, since you would be
making them at home, you will be confident to use them on any Holi event without any
inhibitions. What more do you want? You can take care and give nourishment to your skin
while also enjoying the Holi colors!
Rock this Holi!

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