Add these 5 plays to your to-go list.

Add these 5 plays to your to-go list.

How ecstatic it is to watch something that co-plays several instances that we witness or go through in our daily life. It sometimes give goosebumps, sometimes tear of joy, sometimes make us excited and happy when we relate the events happening in the play with our life.  Its really an amazing experience to watch the plays. If you want to go through that experience,, i fyou want to feel it then you must go and watch these plays.

EnFlightenment By Rupesh Tillu


EnFlightenment is a devised piece of physical comedy by Rupesh Tillu where he plays 30 characters and wishes to portray interestingly funny people he met and interacted during his journeys abroad. It’s a story derived by the choices one makes in life and how one has to embrace the consequences. It is a story about the pursuit and a need to lead life on one’s own terms.

Time: 3rd Oct, 07:00pm – 09:00pm
Venue: The Park Hotel, 17 Park Street, Park Street, Central, Kolkata

Bhablai Bhalo


Academy of Fine Arts presents Bhablai Bhalo, a play about a good for nothing man called Bhablai who works as a part-time hail bird and rest of the time is dependent on other people around him. On the other hand, there is a highly respected teached called Mastermosai who has always dreamt of educating people in the village. He has grown old and some of the anti-social people of the village tries to take away his land by plotting against him. Bhablai decides to take stand on this and fights for the right of the old Mastermosai with all his heart and enthusiasm.

Time: 1st Oct, 06:30pm – 08:30pm
Venue: Academy Of Fine Arts, 2, Cathedral Road, Near West Bengal Film Center, Park Street, South, Kolkata

Nil Ronger Ghora

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Nil Ronger Ghora is a story written by Late Shri Mohit Chattopadhyay which depics stories beyond realism. The play revolves around Somnath who is an intuitive gambler in horse- racing. He is married to Mrinmoyee who does not approve of his profession and on the other he’s in love with Parna. Situations begin to change as he starts wining every gamble due to an informer who’s an imaginary character who gives the result of every gamble in advance.

Time: 2nd Oct, 06:30pm – 08:45pm
Academy Of Fine Arts, 2, Cathedral Road, Near West Bengal Film Center, Park Street, South, Kolkata


Attiyoshojon is based on the story by Alfred Uhry titled ‘Driving Miss Daisy’. This play focuses on the chaos created by happiness, separation and evolution and sums up the emotional quotient of a human life. The play begins where Daminee’s, ‘an old retired teacher’ son Badal decides to hire a driver for their family car. The relation between the car and chauffeur becomes the crux of the play. In our day to day life we often overlook the consideration and this play somewhere asserts the importance of the emotions and values we are born with.

Time: 4th Oct, 10:00am – 12:00pm
Academy Of Fine Arts, 2, Cathedral Road, Near West Bengal Film Center, Park Street, South, Kolkata

Broken Images

broken images
This play is a psychological thriller that unveils the truth behind the glamorous life of a celebrity. Manjula Sharma, a Hindi short-story writer suddenly receives international fame by writing an English bestseller. Wealthy, successful and envied, Manjula has everything going her way but she is haunted by her own conscious. Her inner self says she is betraying her own identity and language by deciding to write in English. Manjula is trapped in her own “image” that becomes psychologist, confessor and also inquisitor of her decisions.

Time: 25th Oct, 05:00pm – 09:00pm
Venue: Science City Auditorium, J.B.S Haldane Avenue, Opposite ITC Sonar Bangla, E.M Bypass, East, Kolkata

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