10 Best ways to Sell out your Event.

10 Best ways to Sell out your Event.

Consider yourself in an ideal scenario where your tickets are almost sold and people are even ready to sit on the carpet to witness the magnificent event you’re holding. Feels good? Well, this usually happens with big shots and renowned brands and A-listed companies.

“Sell the problem you solve not the product – Anonymous”

The strategies and plans they employ to make an event a huge success sometimes involves some simple yet under-rated and under-utilized steps. The goal of a stadium-packed event is possible by practicing these effectively strategized marketing tips. These secrets will help you to boost your sales drive by a significant amount landing you the desired audience in no time.

History Speaks Volumes

Invite the attendees of your glorious events in the past. The people who were satisfied with your past events would make way in any of your future events without even asking for the details. These people form a group of your biggest supporters and such would help you publicize your event through word of mouth. This simple act can help you reach your target audience, as word of mouth is the best marketing tactic.

A satisfied customer is the best business strategy of all, quotes American Businessman Michael Lebouef and we cannot agree less. Let your celebrated history speak about your work and dedication, making every moment of the attendees special and joyful.

Reach out to them through social media or a personal call, and let them know you’re holding a never-before event again. Offer them some handsome discount on the tickets or some in-house food coupons, people crave and are crazy for discounts and sale.

Early Bags the Price

When you’re in the planning phase of your event, opt for the dates which offer you sufficient time and space to market your event. You can plan for two separate dates to make your event tickets available.

On your predefined first date, shout out to all your loyal customers, attendees of the previous events, and your subscribers with memberships about your next event before making it available for all. Have special discounts for the early buyers amongst them. This gesture will make them feel privileged and honored by establishing a strong bond with them.

On your second date, make the tickets of your event available to everyone else by quoting a retail price. Give some exciting offers to them for building a long following and likewise increasing your audience base. Make the banners and flyers especially for social media posts, post on them frequently with the statistics of the tickets availability to create a sense of urgency in them.

Leverage Your Current Event

If your company has any current event lined up, then you can announce the details of the next event in it. Choose the time slot when your event has maximum footfall, announce the coming event amidst the audience with an offer period. You can extend the offer period until the end of the event as per the response.

This can be done either by setting up a booth for selling the tickets or having some staff members personally deliver the copy of the ticket at the location. Having an efficient base of manpower is essential to coerce people into buying your tickets. Let, GoEventz handle this, you can sit back, let them know your target and see it done hassle-free.

GoEventz, a leading event management company in Gurgaon specializes in making an event a large affair by providing relentless efforts and time as well as giving attention to intricate details, to make the event memorable and one-of- a-kind.

Get Viral on Social Media

Today, the words ‘trending’ and ‘viral’ have affected the entire world, always keeping such news or events on toes over the Internet especially the social media. You get a different type of audience on all platforms catering to different needs. Social Media can be fully harnessed to gain honest followers and create a brand value for your product or service.

Create some quirky yet engaging posts in the form of audio, video, image or an infographic about the specialty or the USP of your event and make it worth sharing. Social Media is an influential tool if used strategically.

You can create memes of your event, asking them to tag their friends and in return bagging a discount or a gift with it. Or simply create an event page, ask some random questions for some days, tell people to like and share whenever you post the questionnaire and whoever does it daily, wins the round for which you can reward with the event discount or free entry or coupons.

Involve them Without Fail

The most excited person for your event is the first one to book the ticket and the most likely to be excited, for such individuals form your previous event’s satisfied attendees. Get a hold of them and first of all say thanks to them for their early enrollment. Be friendly, and ask them to write something about the event on their blog or even social media would work.

How ecstatic are they? How was their previous experience? What are they expecting from this event, anything specific they are looking forward to?

Tell them to recommend to their friends, relatives, families or simply share on the social media platform. This would directly generate one or two direct and genuine leads for the event which can be further converted easily into sales.

Endorse the Location of Your Event

People plan for events where they get more than one thing i.e. apart from attending the event, what else do they get after reaching the event venue. You can make your location stand out by mentioning few keys places worth visiting, cafes and restaurants offering scrumptious meals, or any nearby shopping center.

Is it needed? Well, offering a selfless promotion of the nearby places and making it in the good books of your audience can increase your overall image and create brand awareness.

It will sound something like this,
Our mega event is located in the hotel overlooking the Arabian Sea where you’ll be able to soak in the sparkling sunlight taking in the charismatic view of The Gateway of India. While you’re here, stop by to have the Mumbai’s special Vada-pav which is the staple food of the Mumbaikars.

Make way for Breathers

Make your event stand out from the others of the same category by involving fun and learning activities in it. Let the audience mingle with the speaker, have an ice-breaking session, include sessions filled with laughter.

Let the audience be interactive, as including some tasks won’t hurt the learning process. Have Karaoke or some performances by local artists to complement the event. Announce these mini events in your banner on social media.

Engross your Entire Team with Dedicated Tasks

The best way to get the most out of your workforce is allocating them tasks with a prize attached to it. This motivates them to push themselves harder producing big returns. Declare an in-house contest of whoever sells the highest tickets wins and receives a bonus or prize or whatever you feel. Tell them to share on their social media news feed, to their relatives and friends and get the maximum out of them.

Call the Sponsors for Event Promotion

You and your sponsor both expect higher footfall on the D-day of your event. Though the bulk promotion is on your side, getting your sponsors involved may increase your turnout by a substantial amount. Ask them to share it in their large connection base, tweet about it to their potential customers. Either way, It’s a win-win.

Different Passes for Different Audience

Not everybody would get enough time or money to attend the event, they really wish to. Some may not be able to stay for longer, whereas some are not available on the same day. So create different passes as per the category for everyone to attend the event. You can make student pass, party pass or keynote pass differently for everybody to get the most out of your event.

Have Catchy and Attractive Call-to- Action Tabs

Simple and easy to understand layout and call-to- action always entice people to take action. Your homepage of the website and login page (optional) should have a promotion to your conference/event. Your blog posts and any other social media posts can should quicker ways to reach the registration page on your website.

If the event you’re planning is huge, then most of the pages on your website should cover the links to the event page or registration page.

‘Selling is never about convincing; it’s always about helping – Mark Cuban.’ Selling isn’t a tough task at all. If you implement the accurate strategies, implement the proper rules of marketing, make mistakes but learn from it quickly and move ahead towards your defined goal, nothing can stop your sales hitting the profit margin. Brainstorm, Strategize, Implement, Improvise, Involve and repeat; pave your own way to the success.

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