Join the talk to get Ideas and Insights to Scale up your Business.

Join the talk to get Ideas and Insights to Scale up your Business.
The talk is an initiative promoted by Softprints Media Ventures to understand the challenges of entrepreneurs and then finding solutions through conversation.

The team engages with lots of SMEs & Startups and listen to the challenges faced by them. Over lot of research, The talk has found that Scaling Up is the most critical challenge for the entrepreneur and beyond a certain point the growth becomes stagnant. The talk is attempting to find a new perspective to this critical issue through conversations and possible solutions from experts.

The talk has successfully conducted its three editions in various cities. This year the talk is organizing a conversation in Chennai that invites some of the successful entrepreneurs and experts to share their experiences for Big Ideas to scale SME and Startups’. It is scheduled for 25th February, 2017 at The Feathers, Chennai. The event will be attended by 400 SMEs and Startups.

The Speakers
The Talk
Why attend the talk ?  

The event is a knowledge sharing platform to discuss the challenges of SME’s & Startups with a panel of experts to find possible solutions and new perspective through conversations.

Who should attend ?  

Growth, Scaling up is the goal of every SME or Startup or big corporates. So if you are the one who is looking for ideas and insights to scale up your business then you should attend this event.


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