Captain Mom| Camping with Mothers| Camp  WinterGrass| Ananthagiri Hills
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Captain Mom| Camping with Mothers| Camp WinterGrass| Ananthagiri Hills

Sat 26th Jan 2019 - Sun 27th Jan 2019 04:00 PM - 11:00 AM Ananthagiri Hills, Vikarabad
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Captain Mom| Camping With Mothers| Camp WinterGrass| Ananthagiri Hills


It’s the turn of Mom & Child at Camp WinterGrass this time.

From the first glass of milk in the morning to the late night’s comforting, From teaching (life’s) ABC to staying with us to eternity, Behind those tiny squabbles too, the care and concern still remain. From being the mother to the first and best friend forever. With our every birthday, they age, only to make us better. Mothers, they are, loving us, with no bar.

But, not always do we get a chance to do the new, to shower our love and to share an experience of a lifetime. And, Camp WinterGrass is doing just that. 

Camp WinterGrass (CWG) invites all the mothers and children for a memorable Camping Experience at Anantagiri Hills, Vikarabad.

Time- it is the best gift we can give to the people who matter the most. And, if it’s with our doting mothers in a scenic and serene
place with the backdrop of the Anantagiri Hills, then, there’s nothing like it.

So, calling all those lovely mothers and their children to camp with us at Camp WinterGrass for some memorable and cherishing experiences, including:
Camping | Bonfire | Fun games | Food | Trekking | Movie- screening | Star gazing | Sun rise All this, with your mothers. It certainly cannot
get more exciting than this.

So, do not delay. This is a special winter gift from Camp WinterGrass.

Mothers, bring along your children. Sons and daughters, bring along your mothers For, not always do we get a chance to camp and adventure with the mommy dearest.


Saturday 04:00 PM:

  • Arrive at Camp as our team waits to welcome you.
  •  Welcome drink & Snacks and we run the Camp special: The evening trek to the hill.
  • Post trek with Bonfire & Dinner on Saturday.
  • Sunday morning wake up to sunrise and warm-up for the morning trek followed by breakfast Of course, you get to Sleep in tents. We do provide blankets and pillows.

Sunday 11:00 AM - Depart from the Camp.  +/- 60 Mins here and there.


1) Mother and Children

2) Mother with sons and daughters

Terms and Conditions
  • This is a community gathering in a private property, nuisance will not be tolerated and you might even be asked to leave the premises if the community feels unsafe or disturbed.
  • You are most welcome to enjoy your drink and keep the happiness to yourself for as long as you avoid disturbing others around you.
  •  This is not a cheap, alternative for a place to get drunk. We are serious campers, we love nature and we appreciate if you share the same sentiment
  •  We are very particular on zero trace camping.
  •  We'd like to eliminate single use plastics, so please do not bring any to the campsit like chips/kurkure etc.,
  •  First Aid: We have basic first aid for cuts and bruises. Anything else like fractures etc., will have to be referred to a doctor. Please do understand activities like hiking, trekking & other activities that we conduct do have a inherent risk involved, please participate only if you are comfortable.
  •  All the engagement activities like campfire, hiking is common. In case you need a private campfire please do let us know.

1) What is included in the package?

Ans: Camp Winter Grass includes camping, campfire [9PM to 12 MIDNIGHT], trekking, food [Dinner & Breakfast] + camp activities.

2) What about the washroom facility?

Ans: There are permanent washrooms.

3) Can I reach the campsite through public transportation or what if I don't have a vehicle to reach campsite?

Ans: Yes, you can reach. There is public transport available till Vikarabad both Bus and Train. (Which is 10 Km away from the campsite). You will have options for local buses and auto rickshaws to get to the campsite.

4) What should I bring to camp?

Ans:Your high spirits and a good pair of walking shoes. Things needed to get fresh up on mornings [Toiletries].

5) Campfire and Activities - are they private or held in groups?

Ans: All the activities are common. In case you need a private experience please do let us know. Campfire is till 12 Midnight.

6) Music?

Ans: You can get your portable music systems and can play music from 6 AM till 12 Midnight. Beyond that it is strictly not permitted.

Captain Mom| Camping With Mothers| Camp WinterGrass| Ananthagiri Hills
Ananthagiri Hills, Ananthagiri Road, Vikarabad, Telangana 501101, India,
Vikarabad, Telangana, India (get direction)
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