Business Data Analysis using Advanced Excel - Weekend and Weekday
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Business Data Analysis using Advanced Excel - Weekend and Weekday

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Business Data Analysis Using Advanced Excel - Weekend And Weekday


Call Barin@9051092035 or Shrabana @ 8420594969

Course Outline:

  1. Fill, Conditional Formatting, Advanced Sorting & Filter
  2. Formulas – Writing & Fixing Errors
  3. Working with Data
  4. Creating and Working with Charts
  5. Data Analysis & Pivot Tables
  6. Review & Security
Working with Data Formula Writing &   Fixing Errors
  • Formatting   & Layout
  • Putting   Headers and Footers, logos on Excel
  • Print   Layout
  • Conditional   Formatting
  • Fill   feature
  • Sorting (number. alphabets, color, date, custom)
  • Filter, Advanced Filter
  • Text to column: Importing .txt files / CSV   into excel (Bhav Copy)
  • Data Validation (List, Error Message)
  • Grouping and Sub-grouping
  • Subtotal
  • What if Analysis (Goal Seek, Scenario)
  • Solver (addin)
  • Financial: Time Value of Money (PV, FV, nper, rate, PMT) + IRR, NPV
  • Look up: Vlookup, Hlookup
  • Math: Sum, Sumproduct, Absolute, Integer,   Round, Average, Count, Minimum, Maximum
  • Logical: IF, nested if, sumif, Count, CountIf, CountBlank,   iferror and, or,
  • Text: Case, Position, Search, Trim, Right, Left,   Concatenate
  • Date & Time: Day and Time, Representation of Date   in Excel, Conversion, Today, Day
  • Others: Even, Exact, Exp, Find, Int, IsBlank, Left, Len, Lower,   Upper, Proper, Now, Power Precedents, Dependents, Error Checking
  • Evaluation of Formula – Stepwise
  • Formula hiding 
Data Presentation using   ChartsData Summarization 
  • Charts (Bar, Column, Line, Pie, Area, 3d
  • Multi-dimension   Axis
  • Moving   & Copying Charts
  • Pivot Table 
  • Pivot Chart
Review and Security Advanced   ExcelMiscellaneous
  • Password Protection
  • Cells Lock
  • Making excel as a form
  • Track Changes 
  • Sharing of excel (Collaboration)
  • Freeze panes
  • Auto Sum on the Task-bar
  • Usage of Top Ribbon Menu
  • Printing Multiple Sheets 
  • Recording macros
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