CIYF Diva Hunt 2017 (Select any of the titles you would like to contest)

CIYF Diva Hunt 2017 (Select any of the titles you would like to contest)

Fri 4th Aug 2017 - Sun 6th Aug 2017 11:00 AM - 10:00 PM Chennai, Chennai
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CIYF DIVA 2k17 - The Fashionable Women Of The Year

No Better Title To Be Given To This Person Than To Call Her The Queen Of The Night And Year, Eligibility: Participant Should Have Won The Tittle Before (Winner/Runner). Last Date: 01-08-2017
INR 1000
Registration Closes : 1m 6d 19h

UPCOMING DIVA - The Stepping Stone

Like You Need To Keep Stepping On One Step At A Time, This Person Is Moving Towards Success In The Modelling Career. Presentation: Creativity, Originality, Posture, Walk, Styling, Performance. Apparel: Fit And Proportion. Note: Own Theme, Attire Should Be Complement Of Your Concept.
INR 1000
Registration Closes : 1m 6d 19h

CIYF DIVA 2k17 - The Fashionable Women Of The Year No Better Title To Be

There's No One Who Beats Priyanka Chopra When It Comes To Fashion Sense, What Better Way To Compare The Stylist Person To Her Than Call Her The PC Of The Group. Present To Be Yourself Looking To Break Into The Glamorous World Of Modelling And Marketing Manner For The Live And Television Audience.
INR 1000
Registration Closes : 1m 6d 19h

ADMIRABLE SMILE - Birbal Of The Pack

We All Know That Birbal Has Been One Of The Most Respectable And Approved Persons, The Same Way The Next Person Is Someone Who's Smile Is Enough To Approve Of Anything Due To The Respect People Have For Them.
INR 1000
Registration Closes : 1m 6d 19h


Usually The Waist Of A Girl Is Compared To The Hourglass Shape, So Let The Title Give The Description Of The Person In The Best Way Possible Presentation: Movements, Posing, Emphasis, Creativity, Presentation. Apparel: Fit And Balance. Note: Own Attire And Concept
INR 1000
Registration Closes : 1m 6d 19h

BLOOMY SKIN - Very Good Of Its Kind

Present To Be Yourself In A Way Focusing Your Skin Tone. The Attire Should Be A Compliment Of Your Skin Being Exposed. Presentation: Choosing Make Up, Choosing The Right Colour For Your Skin Tone, Attitude. Apparel: Short Dress, Asymmetric Dress. Note: Should Be Exposing Your Skin.
INR 1000
Registration Closes : 1m 6d 19h


Present Your Originality/ Creativity By Focusing Your Concept And Under The Time Limit, Get A More Response From The Audience. Presentation: Vocational Skills, Stage Presentation. Apparel: Proportion, Balance And Depends On Concept. Note: Own Concept / Theme.
INR 1000
Registration Closes : 1m 6d 19h

PREEMINENT PHYSIQUE - Very Distinguished In Some Way

Present Yourself By Focusing Your Body Silhouette With Good Presentation & Originality. Usually It Is Considered In The Negative Sense This Person Is Different From The Others In A Way Which We Can't Imagine.
INR 1000
Registration Closes : 1m 6d 19h


Walking, Turning, Posing In An Overly Sexual Manner And Focusing On Your Foot Step, Sound Beats, Timing. Presentation: Face Expression, Posture, Carrying The Garment. Apparel: Co-Ordination, Proportion. Note: No Restriction For Attire.
INR 1000
Registration Closes : 1m 6d 19h

SEXY SHANK - Attractive Or Exciting Legs

Create Emphasis Of Your Leg With Originality / Creativity. Presentation: Posture, Presentation. Apparel: Balance, Complement For Your Legs. Note: Own Dress But Should Be Exposing Your Leg
INR 1000
Registration Closes : 1m 6d 19h

BEST HAIR STYLE - The Rapunzel

Just Like Rapunzel Has The Best Hair In The Disney World, This Person Has The Best Hair Style Of The Lot). Present To Be Yourself And Focusing Hairstyle. By Originality / Creativity. Presentation: Emphasis, Complement Of Attire, Proportion. Apparel: Fit And Proportion. Note: Own Theme And Attire.
INR 1000
Registration Closes : 1m 6d 19h

ALLURING EYES - Extremely Bright

Focusing Your Eyes & Present In A Ways Of Creativity / Originality. Presentation: Expression, Communication. Apparel: Balance, Fit. Note: Own Concept, Do Create Emphasis Of Your Eyes.
INR 1000
Registration Closes : 1m 6d 19h
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The Chennai International Youth Fest 17 is going to be the World’s Biggest Youth Conclave in India with 120+ Events engaging more than 5+ lakh Youngsters across the globe and the events are goin Read more

CIYF Diva Hunt 2017 (Select Any Of The Titles You Would Like To Contest)


CIYF DIVA HUNT is a Fashion Contest one of a kind show is aimed at bringing the youth of India together to channelize their talents at a bigger platform. It endeavours to expose the fashion conscious with the latest fashion trends domestically as well from across the globe.

CIYF DIVA HUNT is the 1st of its kind where the models can nominate themselves for the Titles. 

The Chennai International Youth Fest’17 (CIYF ‘17) - World’s Biggest Youth Conclave in India, which is jointly organised by Youth Development Consortium (YDC) with Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports, Government of India & hosted by Govt. of Tamil Nadu, scheduled from 04th to 20th August 2017.

The CIYF’ 17 is first of its kind and going to be the most excited Conclave with 150+ Events engaging more than 5 lakh Youngsters from across the Globe. The events are going to be happening simultaneously in 70+ locations at various venues across Tamil Nadu.

CIYF DIVA HUNT is Among the ONE and the Platform is Urs, You can Nominate yourself for the title.

A participant can apply for any no of a category, before registering please read the details.

Date: 04th to 06th August 2017.

Preliminary Round - 04th August 2017

Semi Final - 05th August 2017

Grand Finale - 06th 2017 

Venue: Chennai, Venue will be Informed (Closed Venue - Open Audience)

Who Can Participate: FEMALE ONLY - Professional / Fresher, Age limit between 16 to 35


CIYF DIVA 2k17 - A Fashionable Female of the Year
No better title to be given to this person than to call her the queen of the night and year
Eligibility: The participant should have won the title before (Winner/Runner).
Presentation: Performance, walk, posture, posing, attitude, makeup, styling.
Apparel: Proportion and fit, should be the complement of your concept.
Note: Own theme and concept, 2 rounds, 2 attire change (For Finale).

UPCOMING DIVA - The stepping Stone
Like you need to keep stepping on one step at a time, this person is moving towards success in the modelling career.
Presentation: Creativity, Originality, Posture, Walk, Styling, Performance.
Apparel: Fit and Proportion.
Note: Own theme, Attire should be complement of your concept.

There's no one who beats Priyanka Chopra when it comes to fashion sense, what better way to compare the stylist person to her than call her the PC of the group. Present to be yourself looking to break into the glamorous world of modelling and marketing manner for the live and television audience.
Presentation: Attitude, walk, makeup, posture, vocational skills, classy and admiring.
Apparel: Accessories, co-ordination, fit and proportion.
Note: Own concept/theme.

ADMIRABLE SMILE - Birbal of the pack
We all know that Birbal has been one of the most respectable and approved persons, the same way the next person is someone who's smile is enough to approve of anything due to the respect people have for them.
Presentation: Emphasis, attitude, originality, performance.
Apparel: Balance.
Note: On stage situation will be given.

Usually, the waist of a girl is compared to the hourglass shape, so let the title give the description of the person in the best way possible
Presentation: Movements, posing, emphasis, creativity, presentation.
Apparel: Fit and balance.
Note: Own attire and concept

BLOOMY SKIN - Very good of its kind
Present to be yourself in a way focusing your skin tone. The attire should be a compliment of Your skin being exposed.
Presentation: Choosing make up, Choosing the right colour for your skin tone, attitude.
Apparel: Short dress, asymmetric dress.
Note: Should be exposing your skin.

SUPERLATIVE ENTERTAINER - Of the highest quality
Present your originality/ creativity by focusing your concept and under the time limit, get a more response from the audience. 
Presentation: Vocational skills, stage presentation.
Apparel: Proportion, balance and depends on concept.
Note: Own concept / theme.

PREEMINENT PHYSIQUE - Very distinguished in some way
Present yourself by focusing your body silhouette with good presentation & originality. Usually it is considered in the negative sense this person is different from the others in a way which we can't imagine.
Presentation: Posture, skin, bold attitude.
Apparel: Fit and balance, Sexy Attire.
Note: Short dress, body hugged dress.

ULTIMATE RAMP WALK - Queen of the Show 
Walking, turning, posing in an overly sexual manner and focusing on your foot step, sound beats, timing.
Presentation: Face expression, posture, carrying the garment.
Apparel: Co-ordination, proportion.
Note: No restriction for attire.

SEXY SHANK - attractive or Exciting Legs
Create emphasis of your leg with originality / creativity.
Presentation: Posture, presentation.
Apparel: Balance, complement for your legs.
Note: Own dress but should be exposing your leg

BEST HAIR STYLE - The Rapunzel
Just like Rapunzel has the best hair in the Disney world, this person has the best hair style of the lot. Present to be yourself and focusing hairstyle. By originality / creativity.
Presentation: Emphasis, complement of attire, proportion.
Apparel: Fit and proportion.
Note: Own theme and attire.

ALLURING EYES - Extremely bright
Focusing your eyes & present in a ways of creativity / originality.
Presentation: Expression, communication.
Apparel: Balance, fit.
Note: Own concept, do create emphasis of your eyes.

Registration Fee: INR 1000/- (No Food & Accommodation).

Winner: Top 3 will be Crowned with Trophy, & Gifts. 

CIYF team inviting everyone to show their Unity in this Worlds Biggest Youth Conclave.

Terms & Conditions


All applicants disclaim in whole or in part the right of to any property or interest in any property submitted with their application. CIFY DIVA makes no representations or warranties to the applicant as to their qualifications for said fashion show. The applicant acknowledges to having carefully examined this statement and further acknowledges that they have been informed of their rights and obligations do register.

Photo Release Notice

"CIYF DIVA HUNT" (CDH) Events are photographed and videotaped. By attending these events you give permission to take photographs of you or photographs in which you may be involved with others for the purpose of promoting CDH.

You release CDH and its designated photographers from any and all claims arising out of the use of the photos. These photos do include photographs that you submit for consideration to be a part of Fashion Contest for your Promotion

CIYF Diva Hunt 2017 (Select Any Of The Titles You Would Like To Contest)
Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India (get direction)
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