Desig IOT Applications (Free NODEMCU dev board)
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Desig IOT Applications (Free NODEMCU dev board)

Sun 1st Sep 2019 - Sun 1st Sep 2019 09:30 AM - 04:30 AM robostar, Hyderabad
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Desig IOT Applications (Free NODEMCU Dev Board)


This workshop is mainly aimed to create awareness on IOT by giving Hands-on experience of building an IOT application.

 Target Audience:

Prior experience with electronics background will help. 


 Workshop Contents:

Morning session:


 IOT Basics:

·  IOT introduction

·  IOT Business

·  Applications

·  Design of an IOT Product

·  Machine to machine communication

·  IOT Hardware Platforms

·  Cloud and Big Data

·  End to End Architecture Discussion

·  hardware for IOT

·  Cloud Computing

·  Career opportunities in IOT


Sensors and actuators:

·  Sensors(Temp, Humidity, motion etc)

·  Protocols(MQTT,COAP etc)

·  Gateways

·  Actuators(LEDs, Motors etc)



·  ESP8266

·  Introduction to Node mcu

·  Versions of NODE MCU

·  Pinouts

·  NODE MCU firmware

·  Flashing the Firmware using ESPFlasher



·  Integrating esp8266 libraries to Arduino IDE

·  Updating the libraries

·  Basic blink LED program

·  DHT sensor discussion

·  Interfacing the DHT sensor to NODE MCU

·  Monitoring the Temp and Humidity values on serial monitor


 Afternoon session:

 Remote Accessing:

·  Accessing the DHT data over WIFI on Webpage and mobile (local Wi-Fi).

 Remote Controlling:

·  Remotely controlling LEDs through Android app (local Wi-Fi).


·  Introduction to CC & BD

·  What really happens on Cloud?

·  Analytics


 Interfacing with the cloud:

·  Remote accessing the Temp and humidity over cloud

·  Remote controlling of appliances over cloud.


ü  Time: 9:30am to 5:30 pm

ü  Fee: 1500/- per head. (includes free nodemcu dev board)


Hardware kit Includes:

1)  Node mcu development board

2)  2 channel relay boards

3)  4 LEDs

4)  Cutter

5)  10 wire strips

6)  Bread board

7)  Programming cable

8)  DHT 11 sensor(temp and humidity sensor)

9)  LDR sensor

10) 9V battery

NOTE: Laptops has to be bought by the induvidual.

Desig IOT Applications (Free NODEMCU Dev Board)
robostar, Kukatpally Housing Board - Hitech City Rd, Phase 2, HITEC City,
Hyderabad, Telangana, India (get direction)
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