Funland Adventure Park in Pune
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Funland Adventure Park in Pune

Funland Adventure Park,
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Funland Adventure Park In Pune


FUNLAND ADVENTURE PARK is designed by world class designer, consultant and architect. At FUNLAND, We want to give a real world of Adventure, Tourism and other activities to this beautiful city of India. This will not going to be a park only its going your second home where you All Feel One of the most adventurous and thrilling games and activities visit in Wadebolai, Wagholi, Pune.

Pune is really beautiful city which is situated In Maharashtra. People knows this city very well the city of “Queens of Deccan” introduces the one stop fun for everyone. Where Fantasy fun awaits you at FUNLAND ADVENTURE PARK. For all those people who are looking forward for rejuvenation fun and adventure.

To have unique experience lets visit this FUNLAND with your friend and family and spend the entire day experiencing all sort of adventure fun and thrill. This place challenges you-once you are “in” it will keep you, coming back for more to experience more thrills, more excitement, more challenges and more fun. So visit us soon!! For full day fun, food and rollick with your loved ones. We guaranty you get world class FUNLAND experience which specially designed for all those who are searching for the ultimate destination for fun and excitement in Pune.

Activities at Funland

"Soapy Football"You might be thinking about the word “Soapy”

Yes! You are exactly right.. Football played on a soapy territory. It is very entertaining and unique experience for those who wanted something different and new things every time. Soapy football is for teams and groups only. If you want to enjoy this game you must have group of people, and it can be your Family, your School mates, Friend and other corporate members.

Once you begin the game we put bucket of soap water and fill it with foam of soap and will ask to play in it. Sounds interesting right!!!

Constant frantic fun… we can assure you, you will go crazy of immense fun. It consists of goalpost on the either side. Both team need to play with the proper team synchronization and win the game over each other.

"Human Billiard"The Giant Human Billiard in Canadian show Dragons Den. In Funland Adventure Park we want to give you international unique experience. This game gives the sense to identify our soccer skill and billiard skills on a large scale.

Human Billiard game gives the sense to identify our soccer skill and billiard skills on a large scale.

"Zorb Football"The game was invented in Norway and presently the concept of this game spreading all over the world including United Kingdom, the US and New Zealand. It is one of the games which are played for both at a recreational and competitive level. Players are given with proper attire to wear before they start the game. This game needs proper concentration to play and it is legal for players to run into other players and knock them down whether they have the ball with them or not. Zorb Football can be played both indoors and outdoors. After every goal the ball is placed at the center of the ground.

In Funland Adventure park you will Enjoy World best Zorb Football in INDIA.

"Human Foosball"

It is one of the most entertaining sport to play. Human Foosball is a very unique game which you must play in Funland. It can be in your to-do list for weekend.

Human Foosball will give you complete relaxation and full of fun. To have fun in this game you need ten people or it can be more than of it but the maximum people you can include is fourteen. So for what you are waiting for… Come with your family and friends to enjoy this game in your Pune city.

"Human Gyro"The portable roller coaster gives wonderful experience to you and your family. Human Gyro Ride gives you immense thrilling experience. This is far more exciting ride than the normal spins and tumbles. It becomes invigorating when four people are moving up and down or side swing in the Gyro trend. It will make you screams loud and laughs.

This ride is designed in the scientific way and it consists of all the safety features. So if you have fear! FUNLAND gives you fearless experience! Within the close-packed environment it gives ultimate fun, based on the mechanism that the trains fighter and pilots and astronaut, the Gyro ride offers the extreme thrill. The negative gravity along with the fun of swing motion… as whole it is perfect technique of equilibrium and thrill ride for the one and only Exciting Adventure Park.

You might be curious about how does it work? This ride works according to the Newton’s law. If we take a wheel off a bicycle and tend to hold the ends of the axle and set it spinning, making it turn, you will feel a resisting force trying to make the wheel keep rotating in the similar direction. Hence we can say Mr. Newton had helped a lot with his idea when he had invented the law. So this ride is one of the best rides to experience in the India’s best Adventure Park.

"Velcro Wall"This is twenty-two feet long and thirteen feet tall. The most attention seeking wall, multi-colour, striped sticky suit which has corresponding Velcro straps in it. The size can be customized according the age. There is no restriction with the particular age group. This ride is for all type of age group starting from children to adult.

Each and every one would appreciate and will try to climb the highest point. The attractive and valiant band and the bright red and yellow colour walls will definitely attract the inquisitiveness of the visitors.

Velcro Wall in Funland Adventure Park in Pune.

Funland Adventure Park In Pune
Funland Adventure Park, At shirsawadi , post wadebolai, taluka haveli , zilla pune,
, Maharashtra, India (get direction)
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The FUNLAND ADVENTURE PARK is the diligent venture to introduce something new and adventurous to the “City Of Deccan” Pune. Founders aimed to introduce the unrevealed and une Read more

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