Gobindgarh Fort
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Gobindgarh Fort

Gobindgarh Fort, Amritsar

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Maharaja Combo (Indian Guest)

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        Entry + Sher E Punjab + Whispering walls      
INR 320

Combo 1 (Indian Guest)

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        Entry + Sher E Punjab for Indian guest, valid till 5 pm      
INR 180

Combo 2 (Indian Guest)

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        Entry + Whispering walls for Indian guest, valid after 5 pm       
INR 180

Sawari Combo (Indian Guest)

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        Entry + Horse/ camel ride/ Tandem + Segway / Virtual world / 2 traditional rides  valid up to 5 pm only      
INR 150

Maharaja Combo (International Guest)

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        Entry + Sher E Punjab + Whispering walls      
INR 625

Combo 2 (International Guest)

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        (Entry + Whispering walls) for international guest) valid after 5 pm      
INR 375

Combo 1 (International Guest)

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        (Entry + Sher E Punjab) for international guest) valid till 5 pm      
INR 375

Sawari Combo (International Guest)

INR 250

Entry ticket (International Guest)

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        For International  guest, valid till 5 pm      
INR 150
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An outstanding Heritage Fort having a glorious history of its own spanning over 257 years right from the era of the Bhangi Misl to Maharaja Ranjit Singh to the British and the Indian army and now finally it opens its gates for the people of Punjab. This fort houses several structures and buildings each of which have their own story to tell, i.e. Toshakhana {The Royal treasury which housed the priceless "Koh-I- Noor”}, the Bungalow which is built on the circular plinth of the Sikh period, Khas Mahal referred to as the ‘Coffee House’ in the records of the Indian army, Darbar Hall, Nalwa Deorhi or Nalwa gate that has named after the Commander-in-Chief of the Khalsa army of Maharaja Ranjit Singh.



SHER-E-PUNJAB (Lion-of-Punjab)

A show on Maharaja Ranjit Singh 

A 7D show on Maharaja Ranjit Singh in a never before seen format in Punjab – which will transport you to the 19th century in an immersive way. The show will leave you enchanted. A preview will introduce you to the ages just before the Maharaja forged the powerful empire of Punjab. Internationally renowned film director, Mr. Ketan Mehta, has directed this show.

Whispering Walls - Projection Mapping with Laser & Sound: Kanda Boldiyan Ne

A show on the story of Gobindgarh Fort

Against the backdrop of the original façade of the Bungalow –a wall 100 ft. x 50 ft. see a Multi-Media sound and light show, with laser lights, computer animation and Projection mapping technologies, immerse yourself in the legend of Gobindgarh Fort where these seemingly mute walls, have a story to tell of the sweep of history.  This infotainment show, brought to you with 20,000 lumens projectors and 7.1 surround sound, will mesmerize you as you sit in the historic open lawns of the fort and revel in the gorgeous evenings of Amritsar.


Live performances of amazing forms from the state GATKA-GIDDA-BHANGDA Live Shows all day- the lively performers from Punjab will keep you entertained all day As the sun is about to set, the mood in the fort changes. A grand procession emerges with musicians and dancers in traditional costumes performing a vibrant montage of Punjabi cultural experience with some death-defying feats from the incredible martial arts form Gatka. And then when the night falls, the fort is illuminated with dazzling lights.


In the NE Bastion’s Gobindgarh Art Gallery there is a new Padgi Museum ( Turban Museum) – which depicts the interesting forms of the padgies of Punjab, Sikh, and Non-Sikh.  Info-boards give amazing insights into this distinctive headgear- right from the beginning of the 16thCentury and it’s evolution to the modern “NRI styles “ of today.


The famous Toronto based artist Bhagat Singh Bedi’s amazing digital paintings of the Sikh saints and martyrs is housed at the Gobindgarh Art Gallery at the NE Bastion. A not to be missed, mesmerizing exhibition by this inspired self-taught artist will leave you to captivate with gold frame.

TOSHAKHANA - The Royal Treasury of Maharaja Ranjit Singh

It is believed that Maharaja Ranjit Singh kept a treasure worth Rs. 30 lakhs (A Kingly sum then) and precious jewels as well as gold and silver in the fort under a guard of 2000 soldiers. It is here that the Kohinoor was housed. They say no jeweler has so far been able to assess the price of the Koh-i-Noor diamond. Coins of that period along with a replica of the Kohinoor can also be seen here.


See the rare instruments of war from the old times- including a replica of the Maharaja’s personal sword and his very own war attire. A specially made replica of the celebrated 14.3 ft. big Bhangian di Tope or The Zamzama- the largest canon of its time has been recreated specially for your viewing.



The best of Punjabi food brought to you by the best in the food industry. A special street called Ambarsari Zaika- will make you realize why Amritsar is called the Food Capital of the state. Here you can tantalize your palate with both vegetarian and Non-vegetarian options. Sit under a canopy inspired from the canopies used by Maharaja Ranjit Singh or pick up fare from wooden food carts made in the traditional old style. No set menus. No compulsions. Only complete freedom to satisfy all your tastes- Sweet –Spicy and Sour.

  • Would I be allowed in case I am late for the show? : Yes
  • Is re-entry allowed?: No
  • Are children allowed for the event (specific age to enter) - Yes, but children below the height of 100 cms / 3.28 feet have free entry to the fort but are not allowed in the Sher E Punjab 7D show.
  • Age limit to buy a ticket: No
  • Overall Capacity of the venue: More than 5000
  • ARTIST DESCRIPTION: There is no fixed artist it is more of entertainment destination and open all days.
  • Ticket inclusive of Hospitality (F&B)?: No
  • How is the seating arrangement: Whispering walls is open air show with plastic chairs and lawn to sit and Sher E Punjab is a 48 Seater.
  • If seated, will customers get specific Seat Numbers while booking or is it a free seating with first come first serve basis - No
  • Type of seats: Plastic chairs for open air and theater type in Sher E Punjab 7D
  • Does the venue have a rooftop / covered: Sher E Punjab 7D has rooftop and Whispering wall is open air
  • Which categories have an A/C: Sher E Punjab 7D
  • Are Wheel Chairs or an Elevator facility available at the Venue: Wheel Chair is available
  • The venue for Parking? : Available
  • Is parking free or chargeable? : Chargeable 

This is our great heritage and we owe it to the future generations to protect and preserve this site. We, therefore, have very strict rules which we are sure, the visitors will agree with willingly.

Fort hours are from 10 am to 10 pm.

  • No damage to fragile structure anywhere- no writing/scratching names, no breakage, no disfigurement
  • Smoking prohibited everywhere
  • Alcoholic beverage consumption is prohibited outside the restaurant area.
  • Littering is prohibited. Use trash receptacles
  • Scooters and skateboards prohibited
  • Motorized vehicles prohibited beyond Forting areas
  • Improperly Forted vehicles will be towed
  • Hunting or use of firearms prohibited
  • Plants and animals are protected – do not remove or molest
  • Control noise levels – please be respectful of others
  • Destroying public property is prohibited.
Gobindgarh Fort
Gobindgarh Fort, Old Cantt Road, Gobind Garh Fort,
Amritsar, Punjab, India (get direction)
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Gobindgarh Fort is a historic fort located in center of the city of Amritsar in the Indian state of Punja Read more

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