I-M-POSSIBLE Sales Masterclass
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I-M-POSSIBLE Sales Masterclass

Mon 18th Feb 2019 - Wed 20th Feb 2019 10:30 AM - 06:30 PM Mauritius,
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In the ever-changing world, where every business must cater to the increasing wants of the customers and fight the competition for survival and growth, the ultimate goal is making more profitable sales. The stakes are high for organizations with ambitious targets, and there is increased pressure to constantly exceed. Sales Professionals find it extremely challenging when non-achievement of target leads to added stress and disruption of work-life balance. This 'I-M-POSSIBLE' Sales Accelerator Masterclass has all the necessary ingredients to Accelerate the sales figures month after month and will put you in an elevated position. This workshop is a Hands-on, Practical, Highly Engaging and Enjoyable workshop which will transform Sales Professionals into Super Stars.


  • A clear understanding of all the stages of the business-to-business sales process
  • A more confident and competent approach to the whole sales process
  • Knowledge of how call cycles & ratios are key to sales success
  • A clearer understanding of pricing and margins
  • A 'customer-centric' approach of how to sell
  • A dramatic new momentum for profitable sales
  • Understanding of Negotiation Principles
  • The tools and techniques for profitable Win: Win negotiation
  • The ability to put many of the problems of selling into fresh perspective
  • Many helpful and practical suggestions to assist in your day-to-day work
  • An interchange of ideas

And much more!

  • How Sales Has Evolved Since Its Origin
  • Sales, Service, Loyalty, Profits - The Link
  • Why Customers Don't Buy?
  • Finding The Magic In Sales
  • Amateur And Professional Sales People
  • Importance Of Persuasion In Sales
  • Your Key Responsibilities Towards Customers And Organization
  • The Rainbow Giraffe
  • The Sales Questionnaire - How Well Do You Know 'Sales'?
  • Difference Between Marketing, Selling, And Negotiation
  • Selling Professionally To Build Pipeline
  • The Sales Ladder
  • The 4 Zones Of Success
  • The Deadliest Mistakes By Sales People
  • Why People Buy ... Anything?
  • What Are We Selling And What Are Customers Buying?
  • The Concept Of 'Benefit Sales'
  • How To Identify The Real Needs Of Customers?
  • The Key Questioning Technique For Need Identification
  • The 5th Zone - Breaking Barriers With Positive Mental Attitude
  • Customer Segmentation And Selling Strategies For Each Type
  • The Iceberg Model - Buying Influencers
  • Role Of Effective Communication In Sales
  • Communication Elements And Their Importance
  • Body Language Elements
  • Using NLP To Build Faster Rapport
  • Types Of Questions And Their Applicability
  • Identifying Your Listening Style And Mastering The Art
  • Adapting To Cultural Differences
  • Effective Client Meetings And Designing A Meeting Planner
  • The Before - During - After Of Meetings
  • Time Management Essentials
  • Being Effective Or Being Efficient?
  • What Are Time Wasters?
  • Identifying Your Time Wasters - Internal and External
  • Breaking The Wall Of Time Wasters
  • Understanding and Capitalizing On your Energy Cycle
  • Importance Of Planning In Sales - Red Snapper Approach
  • Understanding Measuring Parameters
  • Ratios And Averages - Analysis
  • Prospecting - An Art!
  • Presentation Essentials
  • Using Mirroring And Matching On Telephone
  • Classifying Objections
  • What To Do With Objections?
  • Using FAQ's For Advantage
  • Closing - The End Game
  • Negotiation Essentials
  • Game Changers In Negotiation
  • Avoiding The Negotiation Pitfalls
  • After The Sale
  • How To Build Long-Term Partnerships
  • How To Generate a ‘Constant’ Sales Pipeline
  • I have been in Sales for 20 years, and still, I learned a lot of new things
  • If you believe in Miracles – then this session is one of them!
  • Great knowledge, great workshop. Totally a different experience. Each point and technique was explained in a different way. It was just excellent. We did not realize how time flew!
  • There are so many places I have changed. I experienced complete transformation in 3 days
  • I feel sales is not JUST sales anymore - I am now a professional salesperson. Thanks to Mihir.
  • To get this information outside, I don’t know how much time it would have taken, how many efforts it would have taken, and where would I have gone
  • This 'I-M-Possible Sales' is the best training we have attended. It has been an eye-opener
  • We thought we were great salespeople but this session has really opened us to be sales professionals
  • Mihir has an excellent way of imparting subject knowledge. Looking forward to being part of more such sessions 
  • 'Fabulous' is a small word - It has really changed my perception towards sales 
  • It has turned out to be a lifetime experience for me
  • Mihir's session was very interactive, having new and relevant information with practical techniques. It was just perfect for me. The experience was great!
  •  Saying Thank you is just not enough because my brain seems to have opened up. It's like I have never known things this way before
  • Sales looked very hard to me, after this session, it looks easy
  • From Day 1, when Mihir started speaking about sales, I felt its just AWESOME! From Day 1 to Day 3, I feel I have gone from one level to another to anothe
  • I have been in sales for 10 years and still, every single concept was new to me

Adult Learning Principles, Accelerated Learning, and Neuro-Linguistic Programming form the nucleus of the masterclass. Doing this makes the sessions highly engaging, where participants learn faster and the learning points are retained for a longer duration. This translates to behavior change and performance acceleration. This approach to learning is influenced by Individual Assessments Individual Exercises Group Discussions Group Activities Videos Case Studies Video Recording and Playback Training Games Brainstorming Presentations Action Planning



I-M-POSSIBLE Sales Masterclass
Mauritius, Mauritius,
, Plaines Wilhems District, Mauritius (get direction)
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T H E - U L T I M A T E - S A L E S - A C C E L E R A T O R - M A S T E R C L A S S
23-25 SEP 2019

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