National Level Online - "Innovators' Challenge 2019" for Age group 13-23
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National Level Online - "Innovators' Challenge 2019" for Age group 13-23

Fri 8th Feb 2019 - Sun 7th Apr 2019 01:38 AM - 12:00 AM Online Event
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National Level Online - "Innovators' Challenge 2019" For Age Group 13-23




“Innovators’ Challenge 2019” competition is a program that jointly organized by ImbueDesk Educational Networking Solutions Pvt Ltd, Quesite services (OPC) Pvt Ltd, Literacy Helping Hands (NGO), Harsh Designs, Verlin Solutions, Fly Wheels & in supporting partner with “Telangana State Innovation Cell (TSIC)” and Balaji Institute Of Technology and Science - BITS Warangal.


2.1 To improve students’ practical skills and encourage creativity and innovation among students.

2.2 As a platform for students to contribute ideas and innovations to demonstrate their ability to create and discover something new.

2.3 To uncover the talent of students in research and development, invention and innovation

2.4 Gearing up to promote interest in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) Education among young minds.

2.5 Develop and enhance students’ intellectual capacity with respect to rational, critical and creative thinking.

2.6 CAUSE: literacy Helping Hands as part of their fundraising activities, Percentage of funds generated in this event will be donated towards 14 Girl Children Education and Rural Literacy Development in Telangana.

3.0 Theme.

3.1 Themes for the Event 

  • Water Conservation, 
    • My Daily Life Hacker (Engineering in Daily Life),
    • Energy Conservation, 
    • IoT, 
    • Robotics, 
    • Mobile/Web Apps, 
    • Game Development (any platform development will be accepted, which can be presentable, played as per the Organizers disclosure), 
    • Products & Services solutions (for Startups),        
    • Innovative STEM (Science , Technology, Engineering, Mathematics), DIY (Do It Yourself) Projects or Prototypes. (Recommended for 1st & 2nd years in Engineering)

      3.2 Your project is to invent products/ tools to make our daily lives activities easier.

4.0 Conditions of Participation

4.1 This competition is open to students from age 13 to 23 in the year 2019.

4.2 A team should comprise 1 to 5 teammates.

4.3 Team members can be from the same college or different colleges too. 

5.0 Competition Rules & Regulations

5.1 Project must be in accordance with the theme of the competition.

5.2 The Idea of the project must be original and not plagiarism.

5.3 Materials used for the project must be mentioned in the Article written. (Read Submission Format for more clarity).

5.4 Adaptation of improving existing products can be accepted as long as the improvement is totally new. 

5.5 The idea of the project must be original and never commercialized, displayed or forwarded to the manufacturing sector.

5.6 Team must submit an article and video (maximum 2 minutes) demonstrating the project, further details clearly mentioned in “Submission Format.”

6.0 Judging Process.

6.1 First stage: Filter by Organizer

I. All proposals and videos will be verified/ inspect by the organizer to ensure that the registration meets the conditions of participation and the procedure of registration.

6.2 Second stage: Judging based on proposal and video.

I. All proposals and videos received will be evaluated by the judges’ panel. The judges panel will evaluate and select the project that meets the evaluation elements to compete in finals.

II. Assessment will be made based on the following criteria:

a. Level of originality, creativity, and innovative projects. – 10 points each

b. Level of usability and application projects in practical life. – 10 points

c. Level of Teamwork. – 10 points

d. Presentation – 10 points 

e. Cost Factor – 0 to 5 points. 

0 – if INR10,000/- & more is invested in building the project

1 – if INR 8,000/- – INR 9,999/- is invested in building the project

2 – If INR 6,000/- - INR 7,999/- is invested in building the project

3 - If INR 4,000/- - INR 5,999/- is invested in building the project

4 - If INR 2,000/- - INR 3,999/- is invested in building the project

5 - If INR 1/- - INR 1,999/- is invested in building the project

NO POINTS – for Computer-based (Software) Theme Projects in this category. (Software projects are judged by remaining criteria’s) 

III. Successful entries to the finals will be announced through email, contact number given in the online form.

6.3 Final Stage: Evaluation based on presentation and demonstration

I. All finalists will make an exhibition and demonstration of their project on the competition day.

II. There will be a judging session. Projects will be evaluated by the judges’ panel based on presentation and demonstration on their projects.

III. During the presentation and demonstration of the project:

a. Participants will be provided with a table and chairs to exhibit and demonstrate their project.

b. Participants are given a time of 5 minutes to present and demonstrate their projects to the judges’ panel.

IV. Evaluation will be made based on the following criteria:

a. Level of originality, creativity and innovative projects.

b. Level of usability and application projects.

c. Level of engineering concept.

d. Presentation

7.0 Steps to Register:

  1. Register your team (1-5 people/team) through the online link given below, (or) through our Event Organizers (contact numbers are given below), (or) through your Class Representative (if we have come to your college). (Registration Link is given below)
  2. Fill the online form with the UID (Unique Identity Number) given by our team after registration. (Those who pay through online, will get online-form + UID within 24 hours after online registration to their respective emails)
  3. A Team can start working on their Idea with a working prototype from the date of Registration itself. 
  4. Teams can submit their work on or before 20th of March, 2019 by midnight in the format mentioned below in “Submission Format.”
  5. Top 40 Results will be announced on or before the 2nd of April, 2019.
  6. Selected top 40 teams will get a chance to display their work to industry experts, VIP’s, Professors and eminent people and might get a chance to work along with any of them.
  7. Certificates will be provided for every team who successfully submit their work on or before 20th of MARCH, 2019. (Certificate of Recognition for each team member)
  8. Certificates will be provided for every team who get shortlisted in top 100 projects and will be sent on or after the result day announcement, i.e; 2nd of April, 2019 or before. (Certificate Of Appreciation)
  9. Certificate of Excellence is given to top 40 teams who get shortlisted for the final exhibition round.

Registration must have complied with the following procedures:

  1. All registration must be made through online-form given by Organizing Team
  2. All items contained in the online registration form must be filled in completely
  3. Video must be uploaded to YouTube (unlisted) and paste the URL in the Article
  4. You are required to register a Gmail account in order to access to the online form.
  5. Organizer reserves the right to reject any entries that are incomplete, late and doesn’t meet event Requirements with or without informing the team if necessarily needed. 

8.0 Registration Fee:

                INR 500/- per team. Each team can have 1-5 members.

9.0 Resources to Get Help:

  1. Try to get access to the IEEE magazine- Spectrum. Become an IEEE member.
  2. If you want to build something cool is one of the best websites.
  3. Once you actually start doing something, will become your best friend. 
  4. You can find some interesting stuff here as well  
  5. Again for some cool projects 
  6. ,  , You can learn something new depending on your interest and gain a certificate in case of a university course. 
  7. Electronics Lovers ~ Technology We Love has a lot of electronics embedded projects -
  8. and This helps you with projects, components and a help forum.
  10. This will be of great help once you start working on MATLAB. The help forum is also quite good. It also has many libraries and code examples. 
  11. has a lot of electronics embedded projects
  12. Wonderful Resources have given in this Website -
  13. For STEM projects Resources -
  14. 7 Different DIY Websites -

Try your own resources to search and build a project. Make sure to get the project done as per the guidelines we have mentioned. All the very best for search  

10.0 Submission Format:

Submission format is sent to all the registered teams to their respective emails clearly explaining the step-by-step simple process.

11.0 Prizes.

Winners will receive recognition as follows:

  1. Champions’ Trophy – Top 3 from the whole event + medals, prize money & certificates
    1. 1st Prize – INR 1,00,000/-*
    2. 2nd Prize – INR 50,000/-*
    3. 3rd Prize – INR 25,000/-*

* - T&C apply as per the Government Rules and Organizing Team Regulations and 0052esources.

2. Theme Trophy- Top 3 from that particular theme + Trophy, medals & certificates



  • Last Date to register: 15-03-2019
  • Last Date to submit the project online: 21-03-2019
  • The announcement of top 40 performers: 31-03-2019
  • Final Event: 07-04-2019 (Final event is offline, people who get selected are invited to the event to present their work, remaining all is online format) 


Venue: PGRRCDE, OU Campus, Hyderabad, TS - 500007.


FOR REGISTRATIONS AND QUERIES FEEL FREE TO REACH US AT  +91 83418 54464, +91 94947 29306, +91 89195 30321

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