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Jurasik Park Inn, Sonipat
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Adult Pass - Per Person

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        Ticket Price includes unlimited rides of Amusement Park and Adventure Zone | STAG here represent here single person aged between 13 years to 59 years.      
INR 750

Child Pass - Per Child

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        Ticket Price includes unlimited rides of Amusement Park and Adventure Zone| Children up to 13 years      
INR 500

Sr.Citizen - Per Person

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        Ticket Price includes unlimited rides of Amusement Park and Adventure Zone | STAG here represent here single person age above 59 years.      
INR 500
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Jurasik Park Inn

An ultimate destination for fun, thrill, sheer excitement and real entertainment for the entire family. Jurasik Park Inn – the only place in North India that takes you back to the ancient history of the jungle world dated million of years back. Imported from different parts of the world, DINOSAURS and Tyrannosaurus welcome you at the gate as you enter.

Water Rides like :

  • Family Slide , S- Slide , Kids Pan Station , Cyclone , Close Tunnel , Lazy River , Sprinkle Pool , A/C Rain Dance , Boogie Woogie , Slide & Whirl , Tube Balloon Slide , Giant Slide , 70 Feet high Water Fall , Wave Pool

Amusement Park :

  • (For Age above 13 years) :- Fris Bee , Giant Wheel , Roller Coaster , Swing Chair , Octopus Ride , Bump car , Free Fall
  • (For Age below 13 years) :- Aero Ride , Baby Train , Jumping frog , Merry Go Round , Mini Columbus , Cup Plate , Mini Train , Bull Ride.

Adventure Zone :

  • Rappelling , Burma Bridge , Plank Bridge , Swinging Block , Hanging Tunnel , Rifle Shooting , Rope Ladder , Rope Climbing , Tyre Net , Commando Net , Balance Beam , Zorbing Ball, Pressure Rocket , Water Roller , Body Zorbing , Ball Throw, Dart Throw.

 Fun Zone :

  • Go Karting 
  • Zipline 
  • Horror House 
  • Mountain Climbing 
  • Video Game

Extra Charges

  • Costume @ 60/-
  • Locker @ 80/-
  • Tube @ 50/-
  • Fun Zone Activities i.e. Go Karting, Zipline, Horror House, Mountain Climbing, Video Game are Extra Chargeable @ 100/- per Ride
Water Park Rides

Water Park is the perfect getaway to get relaxed and chill out the entire day with the biggest water park in Delhi and enjoy with friends and family. Bring your family to enjoy the thrill, the entertainment and the fun at Jurasik Park Inn. Each and every ride is so spectacular that, every ride will give you a different and wonderful experience. It is also considered as the cleanest and well maintained Water Parks in Delhi NCR and is known for its kid's friendly rides. Which are closely monitored by a team of highly trained lifeguards? Every Time our slides will provide you thrilling experience and you will enjoy with a twist and turns with the splash of water.

Amusement Park Rides

Amusement Park Rides For Adults

Amusement Park has more than 20 rides and attractions to ensure that you can enjoy to the fullest & with the safest rides when you visit with friends and family. We are the Best Amusement Park in Delhi NCR that fulfills your expectation and doesn’t disappoint you. We Jurasik Park Inn is famous for our clean & green environment located in pollution free area with a wide variety of attractions & kids friendly rides making it the best picnic spot in Delhi for school students. There are more than 20 rides that divided into two segments Kids amusement park & Amusement park for adults.


Amusement Rides For Children

Adventure Zone

Jurasik Park Inn

If you are looking for One Day Adventure Trip near Delhi then Jurasik Park Inn is a perfect gateway for you. It has come up with amazing Adventurous activities in Delhi NCR for everyone who has a crazy love for Adventure sports. So to experience the best thrilling adventure activities you must visit Jurasik Park Inn and you will consider it to be one of the best places to visit in Delhi These activities help each one to unleash the creativity and understand the importance of teamwork the adventure is being managed and supervised by team of professionals who take care of safety aspects.

Burma Bridge|Jurasik Park Inn|Adventure Activities

Burma Bridge

The Burma rope bridge is the classic rope walking activity for the thrill seekers. It involves a thick rope on the base to walk upon, and then two ropes on the sides to hold and walk from one end to another.

Plank Bridge|Jurasik Park Inn|Adventurous

Plank Bridge

Nothing to say about Plank Bridge Because 'Adventure' experience can't explain in words Come and Enjoy.

Swing Blocks|Jurasik Park Inn|Adventure Park

Swinging Blocks

It’s not technically difficult but the step drops and open cliffs make the walk very tricky. It has more moving parts in the block, but to start, the blockers need to be positioned & tighten themselves to make it.

Hanging Tunnel|Jurasik Park Inn|Adventure places near Delhi

Hanging Tunnel

It's fast but not furious, with a healthy, tingling drop, plenty of sharp turns and a downhill corkscrew in a tunnel.

Rifle Shooting|Jurasik Park Inn|Fun Place In Delhi

Rifle Shooting

A shooting sport is a competitive sport involving tests of proficiency (accuracy and speed) using various types of guns such as fire arms and air guns. The shooting sports are categorized by the type of firearm, targets, and distances at which the targets are shot.

Rope Ladder|Jurasik Park Inn|Adventure Park

Rope ladder

Just remember, you can't climb the ladder of success with your hands in your pockets. You cannot push anyone up a ladder unless he is willing to climb a little himself. The ladder of success is best climbed by stepping on the rungs of opportunity.

Tyre Net|Jurasik Park Inn|Adventure places near Delhi

Tyre Net

Our net adventure is the newest and most exciting adventure concept. The wobbly tires and high net provides a challenging piece of equipment designed to be part of an assault course. Great for children and adults alike.

Commando Net|Jurasik Park Inn|Adventure Activities

Commando Net

One of the very famous activities in the army. Here is a wall of the net almost 15 feet high which has to be climbed first and then has to be descended from the other side, and all in 10 seconds. Okay, this is how we do it army style.

Balance Beam|Jurasik Park Inn|Fun Place In Delhi

Balance Beam

Children will love to practice their gymnastics skills on the Single Balance Beam as they take their turns to go from one end to another.

Dart Throw|Jurasik Park Inn|Adventure places near Delhi

Dart Throw

Playing darts is a good way to have fun. Knowing how to throw a dart is a pioneer skill to have. Before you send that dart flying through the air on its journey you need to have a good grip on the dart.

Ball Throw|Jurasik Park Inn|Fun Place In Delhi

Ball Throw

Compete with your friends who can throw the ball far away. Track and field is the place where you can throw stuff for distance as a real sport.  Easy and quick to perform for an individual, with the equipment. 

Archery|Jurasik Park Inn|Adventure Park


Archery is the practice or skill of using a bow to propel arrows, it is mainly a competitive sport and recreational activity. An archer cannot hit the bulls eye if he doesn't know where you aim is.

Terms and Conditions
  • The Tickets are non-refundable and non-transferable.
  • On all public holidays, weekends rate will be applied, you will have to pay the difference on the venue.
  • If Children Height is less than 33 Inches than child is complimentary else Child Ticket price is applicable. 
  • Kindly Show Valid Order Id Generated via SMS & Email 
  • STAG here represents a single person aged between 13 years to 59 years.
  • Park your car/bike/bus in the designated parking area.
  • Follow the rules for the usage of the rides. Not following rules can lead to accident/injury.
  • No outside food/beverages are allowed inside the park premises.
  • Entry inside the park premises under the influence of alcohol or toxicant is not allowed. If found the guest shall not be allowed or asked to leave the park premises.
  • Alcoholic drinks/drugs strictly prohibited to be carried on the person inside the premises. It is an offense.
  • For your own health and safety appropriate swimwear is MUST when riding the slides /attractions. Management reserves the right to determine if swimwear is appropriate or not.
  • Locker & Costumes rental is available for your convenience. If you wish to buy bathing suits, we have a selection of swimwear clothes in our retail outlets near the Water Park entrance gate.
  • Please do not leave valuables unattended.
  • Use the changing rooms to change into swimming costume.
  • Water rides are body active participatory activities. Such activities present a risk of injury
  • Guests with any medical or health restrictions on their physical activity should not use slides/attractions.
  • Wearing (sun)glasses and prescription lenses are not allowed when riding the slides/attractions
  • Look at each ride and see if you can safely participate – you are the best Judge of your limitations
  • Please supervise your children and arrange a meeting place in case you should get separated
  • Children under 12 years old must be accompanied by an adult.
  • We reserve the right to stop you from taking pictures or recording videos.
  • Smoking is not allowed inside the Water Park.
Venue Information

Jurasik Park Inn G.T Karnal Road National Highway 1 Near Murthal, Kumashpur, Haryana 131021



1. What are the timings and on which days the park is open?

Ans. Opening Timings are 10:30 am to 6:30 pm and the park is open for 7 days.

2. Can I buy a ticket using a debit or credit card?

Ans. Yes

3. Can we book tickets online?

Ans. Yes - Avoid long ques and save your time.

4. Is smoking allowed inside the park?

Ans. No

5. Is the Parking free or chargeable? 

Ans. Charges for parking are (Two wheeler Rs.30) ( For car Rs 50) (For Bus Rs 120)

6. Is there any Restaurant in the Park?

Ans. Yes

7. What are the charges for Locker &Costume? Can we bring Ours?

Ans. Charges for locker Rs.80/- and for costume Rs.60/- Yes you can bring your own costume but the stuff will be nylon or lycra only

8. How do I Reach There?

Ans. By bus or by car

9. Do you have Rooms facility there?

Ans. Yes

10. Do you provide wheelchairs for senior citizens/guests with special needs?

Ans. Yes.

11. What are the things that I can’t take with myself inside the park?

Ans. Water Bottle, Weapons, Alcohol, Cigarette, Eatables, Pet

12. Is the camera allowed in the park?

Ans. Yes

13. Is bar/spa available in the park?

Ans. No.

14. Is ticket transferable / Refundable?

Ans. No.

15. Is there any height criteria for children?

Ans. Yes. If your child height is above 33 inches then you have to purchase the ticket.

16. Is the park open during monsoon/winter?

Ans. Yes.

17. In case of emergency do you have first aid facilities in the park?

Ans. Yes.

18. Is there WIFI facility in the park?

Ans. No.

19. Is there an ATM facility available in the park?

Ans. No.

20. What is the minimum no. of people required for a group booking/birthday celebration/corporate party?

Ans. 25 People at least.

21. If a person loses their personal belongings, is there any lost and found counter?

Ans. Yes

22. Is there any MEMBERSHIP offer for the park?

Ans. Yes

23. What all months are Water Park open?

Ans. March - November

24. Do you have changing Rooms/Tube/Towel facilities?

Ans. Yes. On rentable and chargeable basis both.

25. Can a person with disabilities enter the amusement and Water Park?

Ans. Yes

26. Is there any special discount on ticket prices for disabled kids or adults?

Ans. There isn’t any special discount on ticket prices for disabled kids & adults.

27. I’ve heard that a lot of rides are sometimes out of order?

Ans. Well, that is a myth as rides are only put temporarily on hold if they do not clear the daily safety check. Only after thorough maintenance are they put back in action

28. In case it rains do the rides stop?

Ans. Yes, only amusement rides.

29. Is the park open on Government Holidays?

Ans. Yes, the park is open on all Government holidays.

Jurasik Park Inn, EH-01/1103, tdi espania heights , NH-1, Sonipat, Haryana EH-01/1103, tdi espania heights, NH-1,
Sonipat, Haryana, India (get direction)
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