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Sat 4th May 2019 - Sun 5th May 2019 10:00 AM - 06:00 PM Mumbai, Mumbai
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Kudalini, the Serpent Power, is the arousal of the psychic energy and is the key to spiritual rebirth. It is secret elixir of immortality and takes place once the Serpent which lies coiled three and a half times in the mooladhar chakra decides to rise. It's rise or the awakening is the beginning of the culmination of the energies of the Shakti and the Purush. At the Sahasrara Chakra when the awakening takes place you go through disassociation, detachment,  have psychic experiences, hear internal sounds, have changes in your thought process,  breathing patterns and body sensations.  

In this 2 days’ workshop you will learn:

  • What is Kundalini and what makes it a psychic phenomenon. 
  • The Seven Chakras, it's anatomy and physiology and it's relationship to Kundalini. 
  • Chakra fixation, working on the cleansing by clearing the front and back blockages, vertical, horizontal and diagonal ones through the pendulum. 
  • Meditation on each chakra and working on the Past life karmas and the blockages in each chakra and how to remove them.
  • The three Psychic knots or the Granthis. The Kundalini has to pierce through them to reach the Sahasrara and hence it is important to clear the blockages.
  • The Bandhas and the Kundalini. The importance of Moolabandha, the psychic lock along with the Jala ndhar bandha and the Udiyan bandha.
  • The importance of breath work and the techniques associated with it..We will learn how to break the habitual pattern which inhibits our present potential for consciousness expansion. How to slow down breathing making it rhythmic and effortless so that with our breathing we experience our heartbeat and pulse simultaneously.  
  • The power of Mahamudra in Kundalini awakening.
  • Third Eye Meditation, and practice of Tratak.
  • Vocal meditation. Meditation on the sounds of the beej mantra of each chakra. How the power of chanting also helps in awakening the Kundalini. 
  • Visual meditation, on the yantras. Mandala meditation and how each shape is a deep spiritual input into our mind.
  • Kundalini release exercises for the overloaded Ida or Pingla. 
  • The finality: Microcosmic Orbit or the Energy Circuit Integration. The wheel of breathing through the Chakras to tune into the Cosmic Energy and ultimately reach the Kundalini awakening state.

Workshop Schedule:
Date: 4th & 5th May 2019
Time: 10:00 Am To 6:00 Pm
Venue:  Serenity Crystals, 189 Aram Nagar 2, JP Road Versova,
Andheri West, Mumbai 400061

OR VISIT: http://www.barkatt.in/kudalini-awakening.html

Mumbai, Serenity Crystals, 189 Aram Nagar 2,
Mumbai, Maharashtra, India (get direction)
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