Law of Attraction Workshop
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Law of Attraction Workshop

Sat 27th Jan 2018 - Sat 27th Jan 2018 08:30 AM - 06:00 PM Radisson Blu Hotel Pune Kharadi, Pune
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Law of Attraction pass

inclusive of light snacks, lunch and hot beverages.
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Law Of Attraction Workshop

We are extremely excited to launch our flagship Law of Attraction workshop in Pune from January 2018 post a very successful 2017 in Mumbai.

AspiRise brings you the Law of Attraction workshop at Radisson Blu Hotel Pune Kharadi, on 27th January, 2018. This
1 day workshop will train you in the teachings & application of the powerful Law of Attraction, so that you begin developing the confidence and knowledge to go after – and get – everything you want.
The objective of this workshop is to help you understand the powerful Law of Attraction and train you in manifesting all your desires, below are some of the key areas of the workshop.
1. Who Am I? 
Recognise the source within and grow in self worth
2. Introduction to Law of Attraction:
Learn the law of attraction principles & application for desire manifestation
3. Understand Your Emotional Guidance Scale :
Use the power of emotions to stay aligned to source energy 
4. Power of Mind & Visualisations
Use visualisations to create the realities you desire
5. Power of Positive Affirmations
Understand the power of the subconscious mind and use positive suggestions
6. Transforming limiting Beliefs:
Learn to create empowering beliefs and thoughts to create life-changing realities
7. Demystifying Abundance :
Unlock your potential to attract more by seeking vibrational alignment with source
8. Wealth & Health consciousness
Be open to receiving your wellbeing and become deliberate creators of your reality 
9. Experiencing the magic of Gratitude & Appreciation
Learn to be grateful and appreciative of yourself and your surroundings
10. Creating a joyous mindset 
Stay positive & look forward to creating a happy mindset in most situations 
We are confident that when you complete the program you will notice differences and improvements in every aspect of your life and will be able to manifest your desires.
Facilitator: Naz Chougley:
Naz is a Life Coach and a Holistic Healer with over 18 years of experience in analysing behaviour and personality types. An Emotional Therapist and an LoA practitioner, she helps clients gain clarity into their needs and aspirations, and supports them to take charge of their lives through affirmative / empowered thinking; thus enabling their personal journeys towards joyous living. She has facilitated over 100 workshops as a Corporate Trainer, enabling personal development and growth for many. Her work in the area of mindfulness and meditation helps people get in touch with the essence of life and creates a space of allowance for their spiritual blossoming.
Please contact us on the numbers given below and we would be happy to answer your queries.
• Naz Chougley: +91 8108779944
• Manish Dhawan: +91 9004084205



Few Testimonials from previous Law of Attraction participants:

With my 11 years of L&D experience I can tell u this is the only program with the highest Return on Investment and in a time frame that is less than a week ;-) We have got results... Actual Manifestations. Kudos to Nita, Naaz and Manish... The only program that corporates need is Law of Attraction...I am convinced – Almas Shafiuddin


It was the most needed thing of the moment for me. Its still with me, while I am at home, and now, I know, it will continue to stay with me. I cannot thank you enough Manish, for arranging this, and getting in touch with me. Looking forward to having many more workshops like this! – Komal Sikka


The workshop is a great way to understand how Law of Attraction works. Conducted by a fantastic life coach who is not only prudent in the science of LOA and but also shares some of the best techniques/methods. The program has brought a 360’ change in my thought process and made me more positive in my everyday life.
Thank you Aspirise for this wonderful initiative and making difference to people’s lives- Veerender Shukla

Law Of Attraction Workshop
Radisson Blu Hotel Pune Kharadi, Nagar Bypass Road, Kharadi,
Pune, Maharashtra, India (get direction)
Need help?   Call  Support: +91-9555601111
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