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Sun 21st May 2017 - Sun 21st May 2017 10:00 AM - 05:00 PM Lemon Tree Hotel, EDM,,Kaushambi, Ghaziabad
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Details for the event:

By knowing the 5 toxic mindsets that keep people stuck, discovering the TRUTH about prosperity and success and uncovering unconscious beliefs about money, affluence and achievement, you’ll never have to worry again about achieving your goals. I’m Prabhat Srivastava, and I’m going to show you exactly HOW in my workshop, “Mindset: The New Psychology of Success” seminar.



·        Learn 5 toxic mindsets that keep people stuck, and the ‘how-to’ for overcoming them

·        Increase your self-awareness to lead yourself to achieve the goals you DREAM to achieve

·        Understand the ‘ways’ and ‘why’ people are conditioned for success, failure, or mediocrity

·        Uncover YOUR unconscious beliefs about money, affluence,  and achievement

·        Learn what a TRUE leader is, and what a good one looks like!


Who should attend:

Let me ask you some super important questions 
(please answer honestly)…

·        Do you set goals in your life, big or small, and miss them – by a little or a lot?

·        Do you see your efforts cut short, despite trying hard? Late nights in the office leading to nothing?

·        Are you reading all the ‘right’ books and following the ‘blueprints’, but not getting the results you crave in your business?

·        Are you getting opportunities… and avoiding them?

·        Do you ever stop to think… about the way you think?

·        Do you WANT to maximize your potential in life, get the most out of your business and YOURSELF?

·         If You Sighed "YES" to Any of Those Questions...
You Need a Purpose Breakthrough!

·         And You are NOT Alone…

About Speaker:

Prabhat Srivastava from Delhi, after 25+ years as a business builder, now a Corporate Trainer, Life Coach & Advisor for Self Development. Bringing desirable positive change in the attitudes & behaviours of people on a permanent basis through holistic training methods which include Constructive Confrontation, Meditation, and Experiential Exercises and remove barriers, set new goals and define what is really important to you. He helps you to clarify your thinking in respect to certain issues of work performance and wherever necessary, helping you to improve your technique.


Coaching technique:

Our niche lies in the usage of ancient wisdom to teach modern concepts. Balance being the central idea in all our learning sessions - Not too loose, not too light. Just right! Coaching techniques utilize elements from psychology, NLP, management development, personal development, emotional intelligence, adult learning theory, and mentoring teachings.

“Mindset” is NOT a psychology seminar – it’s a shortcut to unlocking your success by using proven ways for reprogramming your mind for success thinking, mental balance and more.

“Mindset”  is NOT another seminar you’ll walk away from with nothing – Our approach is so unique in that we specifically works with small groups of individuals to address their unique differences and limiting beliefs. You aren’t paying to be another brick in the wall!

Stop ‘guessing’ and start ‘thinking’ for success.

                 You DON’T Want To Miss Out on This…Book your seat Now!

Remember, the definition of insanity is doing the same thing again and again and wishing for different results. Imagine what you’ll do with a focused and successful mindset when you attend this workshop!

Lemon Tree Hotel, EDM,,Kaushambi,
Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh, India (get direction)
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