Packaged Drinking Water Plant Training - Idea To Actualization - At Pune
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Packaged Drinking Water Plant Training - Idea To Actualization - At Pune

Fri 8th Feb 2019 - Sat 9th Feb 2019 10:30 AM - 05:00 PM Pune
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Packaged Drinking Water Plant Training - Idea To Actualization - At Pune



Mineral Water Plant Live Training 

Mineral Water Project Information organizes this flagship training for those Businessmen-Entrepreneurs who are willing to study the whole business before they actually venture into this field. Our focus is mainly on Creation of a solid enterprise which will be sustainable, profit making, and still contributing to the great cause of offering the best quality water to the consumers. Just have a look at who we are. Though, as a businessman, or a "would be" businessman, we have made every attempt to answer all the questions coming to your mind like… 

  • Is it worthwhile to start a plant?
  • Is the business really profitable ?
  • Can it survive, in spite of so much competition around ?
  • I’ve understood what’s the investment like, but what is the first step?
  • What will be the size of Plant, where do I start ?
  • Many machine suppliers are around, how to choose the best from those ?
  • Is ISI really required?
  • What is the minimum Investment ?
  • What will be the Land required ?
  • What Documents are necessary for a Mineral Water Plant ?
  • How to prepare the Mineral Water Plant Layout ?
  • What about Working Capital ?

Just imagine any question or other than these, we have answers for you. Just Check the Training Session Details below & join the next training. The most important part is that, we shall give you tasks until your first stage is covered (upto business model & plant capacity finalization)

  • Total Days of this Training : 2 Days 
  • Place of Training : Usually Pune , unless otherwise mentioned.
  • Max No. of Participants : Upto 5 (We also conduct for 1 person, never cancel dates when declared)
  • Frequency : Twice a month 
  • Days : Saturday & Sunday (11 am to 5 pm), 2 Days total duration.
  • Target Group : Aspiring Entrepreneurs in Mineral Water Plant Business.
  • Details of the Topics Covered : Just Scroll Below to get them.
  • Training Fees : Rs. 11,000/- (Rs. 10,000 for Early Bird)
  • Next Dates :-  8th & 9th Feb 2019
  • How to Attend :- Just call us at 9850997110 or 9822478111, we shall tell you the procedure.
  • (You can refer to the F.A.Q. page for questions related to other things in the training).  
  • Both of the training's will be conducted at our Pune Office.
  • You can check The Reviews for Past Training Sessions

Mineral Water Plant Training Content Details:-

First Day :-

Counseling & Ice Breaker Session

Introduction & Clarity of the Intention of the Participant, Counseling on what he will be expecting from the training. This helps in maintaining the reference for further 2 days of training. We shall conduct Individual Counseling with every participant.

Various Business Model Features 
  • Own Brand-Own Plant Model
  • Contract Manufacturing/Franchise Model
  • Water ATM with CSR 
  • Choosing criteria
Type of Mineral Water Plants 
  • Bottle-Jar-Pouch .. All Product Mix Model - with Blowing Machine
  • Bottle-Jar-Pouch .. All Product Mix Model - without Blowing Machine
  • Just Jars or Just Pouches Business Model 
  • The Cool Jar Model (without ISI) .. is it worth ?
Resources required for Mineral Water Plant
  • Water : which water resource is the best, how much, is it okay for the B.I.S. point of view 
  • Land & Building : How much exactly needed, how to calculate that.
  • Machinery Required : Water Treatment Plant, Blowing-Filling Machines, Packaging Machinery Video Demonstrations.
  • Electrical Power : How much needed, what to check before applying, exact power requirement
  • Human Resource : Departments, Skilled, Unskilled, exactly how many ?
  • Money : Calculation of the actual investment required
ISI & Other Documents required for Mineral Water Plant
  • B.I.S. Website Online Demo
  • Locating Standards 
  • Finding Out Total no. of Plants in your area, status of those
  • Other Documents required for a Mineral Water Plant 
Profit Calculation for major 3 type of Plants 
  • Excel sheet based detail calculation of Initial Capital Investment & Operational Cost
  • Comparison within 2000 LPH, 5000 LPH & 20 Ltr Just Jar Model
  • R.O.I. - Return on Investment 
  • How can you make a conscious choice within them
Questions & Answers 

========End of Day 1=============

Second Day 

Water Treatment Plant Basics 

What is the Basic Treatment, what is Pre Filtration, Post Filtration, RO, UV etc What is "Added Minerals" and the sales gimmicks ? How to Check the Quantity & Quality of Available Raw Water How much water will be useful to you from available raw water

Total Project Cost Calculation 
  • Live Exercise through dummy case
  • Calculation of Actual Water Treatment Plant Capacity
  • Calculation of Blowing and Filling Machine Capacity
  • How to specify them to suppliers & how to get a quote from them
  • How to select the best supplier from them (we don't recommend any particular)
  • Cost of Machinery, Utilities and Construction 
Project Funding 
  • Factors to consider
  • Bank vs Angels 
  • Entry & Exit Barriers 
  • Subsidy for Machinery
Smart Marketing Techniques
  • Simple Market Survey Techniques
  • Traditional Channel
  • ATM … use it for Branding
  • Reputation .. the "Reviews" method
  • Other ways of Digital Marketing
Concluding Session 
  • Questions and Answers 
  • Detailed 1-2-1 Discussion if needed 
  • Certificate Handover
  • Feedback's & Reviews
Further Actions 
  • Our Digital Course is given FREE with this training session 
  • Tasks given up to the Capacity finalization stage 
  • Q & A based Free support for the training attended
  • Further consulting subject to request
======================= END================= 
Packaged Drinking Water Plant Training - Idea To Actualization - At Pune

Pune, Maharashtra, India (get direction)
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