Project Based Summer Training/ Internship at Tirupathi
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Project Based Summer Training/ Internship at Tirupathi

Wed 8th Jun 2016 - Wed 8th Jun 2016 09:00 AM - 01:00 PM Tirupati, Tirupati
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Project Based Summer Training/ Internship At Tirupathi


Web Designing & Development

The Content is designed preferably for students pursuing their graduation and can be customized according to the student’s basic knowledge, their grasping skills and duration of the training. 

Day 1 and Day 2:


- What is web application 

- Basics of Web Development 

- Types of Script languages 

- Difference between Server & Client Side Scripts 

- Local Web Development Setup 

- Xampp

- MyPHPAdmin

- Mercury 

- Testing Local Environment 

- Web Server & Domain: 

- What is web server? 

- What is Domain name? 

- How to register Domain Name? 

- How to purchase space in Web Server? 


- What is HTML? 

- Common Tags introduction 

- Tag structure to be followed

- HTML Trends

- Working with Images in HTML 

- Tables & Master Page Concept

- Lists, iframes, media plugins

- HTML Forms & Form Elements

- Concept of Metadata

- Meta Keywords 

- Online Keyword Generator 

- Relevancy of Metadata with content 

- Alternate text in images 

- Heading Structure 

- Link Depth Concept 

- Image Code

Cascading Style Sheets:

-Inline, Embedded & External CSS

-CSS Text, Font, Link, Lists, background & Colors

-CSS Borders, Margins, Padding

-CSS Box Model

-CSS pseudo Class & Pseudo elements

-Drop Down Menu Designing

-CSS Gallery & Media Handling

-CSS Animation, Transitions etc.

-CSS Responsive.

Day 3:

Client Side Scripts (JavaScript):

 What are Client Side Scripts? 

 Introduction of JavaScript 

 JavaScript Operators, Variables & Assignments

 JavaScript String Method, Number Method

 JavaScript Form Validation & Form API

 Function writing in JavaScript 

 Limitation of JavaScript

 Best Practices in JavaScript 

 JS HTML Objects, DOM & Events

Day 4:


 Getting started with Mobile-First Responsive websites

 BS attributes and designs elements

 BS responsive elements & Transitions

 Bootstrap Grid System

Server Side Scripts (PHP & MySQL):

 What are Server Side Scripts?

 Introduction of PHP 

 First Code run of PHP 

 Data types & Loops in PHP

 PHP Form Handling

 PHP Data Validation

 PHP URL/Email

 Function writing in PHP 

 PHP File Handling

 PHP File Create/open/Read/Write

 PHP File Upload

 PHP Sessions & Cookies

 MySQL DataBase

 MYSQL Connect

 MySQL Data, Table handling

 MySQL Insert, update & Delete Functions

 Limitation of PHP 

 Best Practices in PHP

Uploading Web site to Server (FTP Access): 

 What is FTP Client? 

 What is FileZilla? 

 How to get connected to Web Server How & Where to upload your local website 

 Testing after uploading 

Configuring Murcury (SMTP Server): 

 What is SMTP Server? 

 What is Murcury? 

 How to configure it?

Day 5 and Day 6:

Cron Jobs & Email Sending Scripts: 

 What is Cron Job? 

 How to send email using PHP? 

Content Management System (CMS): 

 What is CMS? 

 What is Zoomla& Drupal? 

 Working with Wordpress

 Configuring & Installing Wordpress 

 Using Wordpress

 Installing Themes, plugins and widgets

 SEO Designing, Site Optimization

 Free Wordpress installation on Cloud

Installing Forum & Online Shop: 

 What are Forum & Online Shops? 

 Best Forum & Online shop? 

 How to install? 

 Configuration

 Payment Portals Comparison & Concept

 Payment Portal Integrations

 Security Portal Integration

 Third Party portals and plugin Installations

Digital Marketing

 Google Adwords (Pay per click / PPC)

 Search engine optimization (SEO)

 Using SEO to cut advertising costs

 Social media marketing

 Sell a product before you have it: pre-sales (more advanced idea for established carts)

 Tracking and measuring success

 Understanding consumer behaviour

 Measurement and monitoring tools

 Quantitative vs qualitative measurement

 Email marketing for retention

 Third Party Digital Marketing Tools 

 Google Analytics & Webmaster Tools

 Reputation management

Poor Practices in Web Development: 

 What are Poor Practices in Web Development? 

 Mistakes in JavaScripts

 Mistakes in PHP 

 Mistake in PHP Configuration 

 How not to get hacked?

Day 7:

Introduction to Mobile Apps 

 Why we Need Mobile Apps

 Different Kinds of Mobile Apps 

 Briefly about Android .

Introduction Android 

 History Behind Android Development 

 What is Android? 

 Pre-requisites to learn Android 

 Brief Discussion on Java Programming 

Android Architecture 

 Overview of Android Stack 

 Android Features 

 Introduction to OS layers 

Deep Overview in Android Stack 

 Linux Kernel 

 Libraries 

 Android Runtime 

 Application Framework 

 Dalvik VM

Installing Android Machine 

 Configuring Android Stack 

 Creating Eclipse Environment 

 Integrating Android with Eclipse IDE 

 Exploring Eclipse IDE

Creating First Android Application 

 Creating Android Project 

 Debugging Application through DDMS 

 Setting up environment 

 AVD Creation 

 Executing Project on Android Screen 

 Day 8:

All user interface components interaction dynamically.


Day 9:

Basics of Programs in Android.

Day 10:

Building blocks of Android: Activity, Service, Intent , Broadcast Receiver and Content Provider.

Notification Dialogs: Toast Message, Dialogs and Status Bar

Day 11:

Database Concepts

Day 12:

Multimedia and Location Based Applications

Day 13:

Web services: XML and JSON

Day 14:

Sensor, Telephony services, Internal and External File Storage

Making Sample Application(s).

Learning how to deploy them on Google play store.

Projects to be completed during the training:

 Automatic profile change

  Food ordering system

  Smsbackup offline

  Google cloud messaging using Android

  Safe driving using mobile

  Safety for women's App

  My memories

  Contractor App 

  Library management system

Project Based Summer Training/ Internship At Tirupathi
Tirupati, Netaji Road,
Tirupati, Andhra Pradesh, India (get direction)
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