Reck 1989-93 Silver Jubilee: Joy of Giving Back
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Reck 1989-93 Silver Jubilee: Joy of Giving Back

NIT Kurukshetra Gate 1, Thanesar
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        Note: The amount you would contribute would go to right cause e.g sponsoring scholarships for the needy, funding research, offering training programs etc, please refer to FAQ section for details      
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Reck 1989-93 Silver Jubilee: Joy Of Giving Back


Dear RECKer,

RECK will always be a fond memory for all of us who consider ourselves as a RECKer-For-Life. It's been 25 years since we graduated. As Engineers, our time at RECK was formative in so many ways. We earned a lot more than an engineering degree from there; we also learned important life lessons based on our shared experiences and the many memorable memories we made and along-the-way formed life-long friendships with wonderful folks.....friendships that have withstood the test of time. Our professors have immensely influenced us in our outlook towards life through their quality education and guidance, that has helped build our professional and personal lives. Finally, as we celebrate our silver jubilee year (1993-2018), its time to consider giving back to our alma mater as a gesture of gratitude by contributing to the College Fund. This is not an easy decision to make. For many, bills are piling up and the TO-DO items around your home is a never-ending list....the last thing on your mind may be to contribute to your alma mater. You may be contemplating that you have already paid the education costs as fees to earn your degree, so why contribute now.

Let's consider a few good reasons to contribute to the College Fund below:

  • Many students are struggling to raise funds to cover the costs of a modern education and an increasing number of students are wary of taking on student loans that they may struggle to pay off once they graduate from college. Scholarships ensure that these students can manage their costs while getting a great education. When you Contributions to your alma mater, you’re investing in the students and providing a legacy for future generations.
  • Contributions are used to sponsor R&D programs and to improve upon teaching methods, which can help elevate the school’s reputation and ranking. It helps build new facilities and adopt innovative technologies in the college campus to increase student success.  
  • There is a need for community reach and engagement through education. This includes the offering of training programs, online learning, competitions etc. Contributed funds can play a key role is moving at a faster pace towards achieving those goals.
  • Contributions can be used to help student graduates by ensuring that they have the necessary tools and skills to find employment in their field and get a head start in their careers.

We want to thank each and every one of you in advance for taking the time and for considering Contributions funds for this good cause. Contributions to the College Fund will be completely voluntary (not mandatory). There will be no minimums and all amounts contributed will be accepted and made available to be used for a worthy cause. We will be setting up a URL link to facilitate the collection of funds. Your privacy is our utmost concern and will do everything possible to keep Contributions as anonymous.

Please feel free to reach out to anyone in the CORE team and let us know if you would like to contribute.

In case of any assistance, please reach below contacts.

  • Navin Farswal ‭+91 96633 04561‬
  • SanjjayJain +91-9811426116
  • Vijay Subramanium - +1(469)396-5859

1. How much I should contribute?

  • There is no minimum amount to be contributed. It will depend on your willingness and capacity to Contribution

2. Where this fund will go?

This fund will be used to fund either or all of the following:

  • Scholarships for the needy
  • Funding a research lab
  • Online or offline training for needy students to make them industry ready
  • Fund the needy to sponsor their participation in competitions

3. Would I get a receipt of the amount I Contributed?

  • Yes, receipts will be provided by NIT Kurukshetra Alumni Association

4. Will I get a tax rebate on the amount I Contributed?

  • No. contributions given to alumni association are not covered under 80G yet.

5. How much funds do we want to collect and contribute to college?

  • We plan to collect as much as can before the December’18 reunion. The minimum we are looking at Rs. 5 Lacs. However, we would like to continue to collect funds even after the reunion. The additional collected amount will be handed over to NIT KKR Alumni Association at a later stage. The date of handing over the amount post-December ’18 reunion will be announced to all the contributors.

6. I won’t be able to contribute before the December’18 reunion, can I contribute later and how?

  • Yes, you would be able to contribute even after December’18 reunion. Usually, the link to make a contribution will be the same however if there is a change, we’ll keep you updated

7. I want to contribute but would my contribution be public or confidential?

  • Your contribution will be fully confidential unless you tell us to make it public.

Reck 1989-93 Silver Jubilee: Joy Of Giving Back
NIT Kurukshetra Gate 1, Mess workers quaters, NIT,
Thanesar, Haryana, India (get direction)
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