Running Champs League Season 2
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Running Champs League Season 2

Sun 19th May 2019 - Sun 19th May 2019 06:00 AM - 07:00 AM Gurugram, Gurugram
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Running Champs League Season 2



Our Champs will ROCK again..! The eagerness, the enthusiasm and the energy of our Champs is here again to be celebrated. After a huge success of RCL Season 1 we are announcing Running Champs League Season 2. Running Champs League is a competitive timed run for the youth in NCR with the aim to shift kids from GADGETS to GROUNDS. Kids specific lifestyle issues like childhood obesity and gadget syndrome is on a rise, so encouraging kids to adopt an active lifestyle is the need of the hour.

Why Running?

Not every child plays a sport but running comes naturally to kids and is the basis of any kind of sport.

With Running Champs League, we strive to bring overall change in the lifestyle of kids. It is not just a single day event, as our aim is to engage kids into fitness related activities. For now we have planned to provide 2 months of outdoor boot-camps at different locations, training schedules and guidance to the kids so that running becomes a ongoing regime for them.

Running Champs League motivates the youth to make a team, strategise, compete and win.

So, put on your running shoes and get ready to race along!

All kids participants will get medal, certificate, tee shirt and refreshments. The overall winners will get prizes/trophies based on the gender category.

2 Kms Relay Race:

Relay Race Concept: One Team will consist of 2 kids, one runner will run at a time and complete the loop holding the Baton. After completing 1 loop the baton will be handed over to second runner. Relay race for a team will end when second runner crosses the finish line. The time taken to complete 2 loops of by a team will be noted and whichever team takes minimum time to complete the relay race will be the winner.

Rules for the Relay Race:

Every participant from the team runs one by one and the Baton travels with each runner

One loop distance will be 1 Km total distance covered by team of two kids will be 2 Km

Runners in a team must belong to same age category as listed below.

There will be separate teams of boys and girls.

Only one participant from a team runs at a time.

To ensure safety of the kids total number of participants will be divided into waves and race will be flagged off in batches.

Baton is handed over at the finish line to switch the runner in the running team.

Every runner must cross finish line to complete his/her loop and the next runner should cross the same timing mat before beginning his/her loop so that start time is recorded.

Flow of Relay Race

The race will start in waves. Wave 1 runners will line up first and remaining will stay in the holding area.

Once all runners from Wave 1 have finished next wave will be flagged off.

The line-up has first runner of each team taking the lead. The race starts and 1st runner of every team crosses the timing mat, finish the loop, handover the baton on finish to the 2nd runner in the team and 2nd runner crosses the timing mat and finishes the loop.The race ends when this 2nd runner finishes the run and comes back to the finish line. The team that runs 2 loops in minimum total time wins.

3km Race (Solo)

The race has a staggered start where runners will be lined up age category wise. The runners stats the race and step on the timing mat whenever they encounter one. The winners are adjudged gender category wise according to their timings to finish 3km.

1km Parent and Child Run

This run is to motivate very small kids to be active and it is a way to increase parent child bonding through fitness. Only one parent will be allowed to run with the child. The tee shirts, medals and

refreshments would be for the child. This is not a race but a fun run. You may choose a theme in your attire or carry a prop conveying a social message. The winner will be chosen according to the theme followed.

Group Prizes

School with Maximum participation overall

Institute/Academy with maximum Participation

Community/Group with Maximum Participation

Condominium with maximum participation


As a parent you agree to the following:

I agree that my child is entering this event at my risk and I take full responsibility of my child and his/her actions during the event. In no way, I would hold "Running Champs League" or its organizers responsible for any damage or harm caused to my child or his/her property during the event.

Running Champs League Season 2
Gurugram, Haryana, India (get direction)
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