The Agra Taj Car Rally 2017
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The Agra Taj Car Rally 2017

Fri 31st Mar 2017 - Sun 2nd Apr 2017 08:00 AM - 11:00 AM Hotel Clarks Shiraz, Agra
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The Agra Taj Car Rally 2017


The Agra Taj Car Rally is a TSD event happening in the historical city of Taj Mahal, Agra. This is the 4th edition of the event. This is a TSD Rally, where both first timers and professionals participate. Last year there were more than 80 cars participating. There participants from UP, Rajasthan, Delhi, Punjab, West Bengal, Telengana, Tamil Nadu, Gujarat and Maharashtra. This rally offers challenges to overcome in navigation using a road book to a secret route. This is given minutes before the start and the objective is to finish the rally following the route while maintaining prescribed speed limits. There are secret time controls on the way to check your timing and penalties are given based on whether you were early or late at checkpoints. Participant with lowest penalties is the winner.

Rally : March 31~April 02, 2017
Documentation & scrutiny : March 31, 2017

Friday Daytime : Documentation & Scrutiny
Friday Night : Leg 1 at night
Saturday : Leg 2
Saturday night: Camaraderie
Sunday morning: Leg 3
Sunday evening: Prize distribution.

Outstation entrants have option of paying fee with hotel accommodation for three nights. Fourth night is additional option.

Early entry fee: Up to February 15, 2017
**With three night hotel accommodation : Rs20,000
**Without accommodation : Rs10,000
Standard entry fee: Upto March 15, 2017
**With three night hotel accommodation : Rs22,000
**Without accommodation : Rs12,000
Late entry fee: Upto March 30, 2017
**With two night hotel accommodation : Rs25,000
**Without accommodation : Rs15,000
Additional room night for Thursday, March 30, 2017 : Rs5,000

The fee is applicable for crew of two people (driver & co-driver). The entry fee will double if three or four people participate in a single vehicle. No more than four people will be allowed to participate in a single vehicle in any case.

There will be an optional program on Friday afternoon for those interested in knowing more about TSD Rally

To reduce paper work and associated hassles you can use online procedure. Follow these steps to complete your entry quickly:
1. Pay the fee at counters in Agra or online at
2. Get Entry confirmation by email
3. Fill in detailed registration form 
4. Print the attachment and sign 
5. Arrive and drive the rally

There are classes of competition like:
- Men
- Couples
- All Women

Prize Money: More than Rs 5 lacs

The following are included in the fee crew of two:
- 3 nights Hotel Stay in Hotel Clarks Shiraz (5 Star)included in the Entry Fee (for 2 people).
- FMSCI TSD Competition Licence for the Rally (valid for 2017).
- Additional Personal Accident Insurance for all crews.
- T-Shirts for participants.
- Finisher's Plaque.
- Lunch or Lunch Money for all days.
- One set of road books.
- Invitation to the Prize Distribution followed by Dinner and Rally Ball (only for participants).

Motorsports Club, Agra & InCarNation Sports, New Delhi.

No amendments may be made to the entry form, except in the cases provided for in the Regulations.
Once an entry has been submitted, an additional fee of Rs 1000 will be charged for change of driver or co-driver or vehicle per change. 
The entry application will be accepted only if accompanied by the entry fees, which will be increased by 500% for those competitors not accepting the optional advertising of the Organisers.
All entrants should ensure that they have in possession all original documents at time of documentation checks for verification and cross check. Photocopies are not needed unless specifically asked for.
Any/All competitors driving during the rally has to have a valid civil driving license.

The maximum number of entries shall be not more than 100. The organisers reserve the right to increase the number.

The The Agra Taj Car Rally 2017 will have following groups:

Both group will be further classified in to following classes:
- Cars
- All Women
- Mixed Crew
- Agra Crew
- Seniors Crew

A crew, in both groups, can be classified in more than one class at the same time e.g. All Women crew in a car or Mixed Double Crew in a SUV.

SUV will be defined as vehicles which meet either of the criteria as per their O.E. specification / data : “Ground Clearance of more than 200mm OR Tyre rim size of 16” and higher”

Seniors will be defined as crew with all members above the age of 50 years

Even if one member of crew is part of a winning TSD crew in past TSD events the crew will be considered "Expert" for purposed on entry classification.

Agra Crew should have all members residents of Agra as per their driving license.

Team fee of INR2,000 per vehicle of the team would be charged with maximum of 6 vehicles permitted per team. Minimum 3 cars of the team should finish for it to be classified in Team Results. Sum of penalties of the best three cars of the team would be taken to form classification.

It is aim of the rally that all drivers are aware of road safety and items that impact that safety even beyond the rally. Thus all competitors will have to ensure that their vehicle meets all the safety and road rules norms as defined below.

IMPORTANT: Each competitor will have to do a self scrutiny in a prescribed form and declare that their vehicle meets all these norms. They will show the signed form at time of documentation.

The self scrutiny form is to be carried on board at all time and will be subject to random checks all through the rally. Applicable sanctions will apply if at any time it is found that the vehicle is not meeting safety norms as signed and declared in the scrutiny form. The sanctions can extend up to exclusion.

All vehicles entering the rally will have to conform to the following:
1. Competition Number Stickers at prescribed locations
2. Compulsory Advertising Stickers at prescribed locations
3. Tyre Tread – Minimum 4mm on all tyre including spare wheel(s).
4. Horn must be working
5. Head Lights (Main & Dip) must be working
6. Parking Lights must be working
7. Side Indicators must be working
8. Windshield Wipers must be working
9. Reverse Lights must be working
10. Brake Lights must be working
11. Number Plate Lights must be working
12. Hand / Parking Brake must be working
13. Seat Belts – Minimum 3 Points – must be present on all seats proposed to be occupied
14. Head Restraint must be present on all seats proposed to be occupied
15. Rear View Mirrors should be present
16. Towing Eye Front/Rear should be marked
17. Number Plate Front/Rear should be clearly visible
18. Fire Extinguisher – at least one on board
19. SOS Triangle – at least one on board
20. First Aid Kit should be present on board
In case of any doubt the competitors can get the same clarified from the Rally HQ / CRO / Scrutineer at all times before the start of the rally.

At end of each leg the competitors will be awarded ranking points based on ascending order of penalties incurred by them i.e. person with the least penalty points would be given ranking point “1” and the competitor standing tenth would be given ranking point “10” and so forth. The time penalties of one leg will not be carried forward to subsequent leg.
Those competitors who have not completed the leg would be ranked based on how many time controls they covered and their start order in the last resort. Thus no crew is barred from starting subsequent leg(s) unless they have not taken a start in previous leg.

The ranking points for each leg would be cumulated at end rally and final classification arrived at based on ascending sequence of points.
Teams would be ranked based on summation of ranking penalties of the best three cars. All team vehicles may or may not be in the same classes or group.

During the course of each leg there would be many secret time controls. A Banner with a red clock will indicate a time control. Each competitor will stop at these Time Control (T.C.) and get the time recorded. The time will be recorded to the seconds. i.e.11 Hrs 37 Min 03 Sec

For each section comprising between any two controls penalties will be computed according to:
==for each 1 second late: 1-second penalty
==for each 1 second early: 2-second penalty
Not stopping at time control will be counted as missing the control and penalty of 30 minute (per control) PLUS scratch penalty will be applied. Scratch is maximum penalty incurred by any other competitor who has finished the section.
A competitors found using delaying tactics like stopping / waiting / idling / zig-zagging / reversing / u-turn in sight of a control will invite 5 minutes penalty for each offence.

For each intermediate control in a leg the Check Out Time will be the Check In Time plus one minute.
Example of Check In Time / Check Out Time:
11.07.00 / 11.08.00
11.07.01 / 11.08.01
11.07.59 / 11.08.59
11.08.00 / 11.09.00
Only in the case of a Re-Start by control marshal specifically mentioned restart time at the control will apply. No entry for Check Out Time should be done on Time Card by competitor for any control. The Check Out Control time will be assumed even if not written on the Time Card.

The Agra Taj Car Rally 2017
Hotel Clarks Shiraz, 54, Agra Cantt, Taj Road,Tajganj,
Agra, Uttar Pradesh, India (get direction)
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