The Hidden Hour - Pune
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The Hidden Hour - Pune

The Hidden Hour Pune - Escape Rooms, Pune
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The Hidden Hour - Pune


Add some thrill to your life by challenging your brain and see if you can save your own life! Tickle those thrill cells in your brain by heading to The Hidden Hour! 60 minutes, innumerable clues, one mission and one aim - to escape out victorious. That's what The Hidden Hour is about! Bringing the world wide craze of reality escape games closer to you in Pune, The Hidden Hour calls out to all those folks who want more from their outings. So ditch those conventional plans and get your gang to enjoy some adventure and have some fun at The Hidden Hour, Koregaon Park,Pune.


Monday: 11:30 Am - 9:30 Pm

Tuesday: 11:30 Am - 9:30 Pm

Wednesday: 11:30 Am - 9:30 Pm

Thursday: 11:30 Am - 9:30 Pm

Friday: 11:30 Am - 9:30 Pm

Saturday : 11:30 Am - 9:30 Pm

Sunday: 11:30 Am - 9:30 Pm


The city’s famous magical show ‘Great Indian Tamasha’ runs in the 19th century-old building. As per the stories, this building houses one of the most valuable treasures in the world. Today is the last show before the building is seized by the Government. You are one of the treasure hunters looking to capture the masterpiece, but you only have an hour to unravel the mystery of this magical world. EXPLORE.. ESCAPE.. Make your mark in history!!

You are a group of explorers who are on their voyage to discover an unknown island. On landing, you find that the island has lush green forest full of mysteries. This excites your group and you go into the interiors and crosses an old fort witnessing amazing landscapes.

Suddenly the volcano erupts and it starts destroying the island. You realize that you have very less time to reach the shore and board the ship before the volcanic lava melts you. Rush & escape before it's too late.

This is the infamous hostel known for paranormal activities. If stories are to be believed, one of the students committed suicide in Room No. 404 of the hostel three years back and something strange goes on in that room.

One night unluckily you are locked inside the hostel all alone and hear somebody calling your name from the same room. Freaked out, you dare to enter the room and find yourself locked in it. Weird lights, strange sounds, chilling experiences! There are 60 minutes to discover what happened and make your escape, lest you succumb to the terrors of the room.

Can you unravel its dark secret before it consumes you!!!

BREAKING NEWS – NCR Metro HIJACKED!!! Five armed men hijack a NCR metro train and plant a bomb inside it. The metro stands at underground tunnel right below the Delhi airport and bomb is going to explode in next 60 minutes. You are a member of the Special Task Force and have been selected for this operation to diffuse the bomb. Will you be able to take on the challenge, break the code and save DEADLY METRO in this race against time. Remember the CLOCK IS TICKING!! 60.. 59.. 58..

The Hidden Hour - Pune
The Hidden Hour Pune - Escape Rooms, Second Floor, Hermes Vishal D Building Above Cafe Coffee Day, Lane Number 7, Koregaon Park, Pune, Maharashtra 411001, India,
Pune, Maharashtra, India (get direction)
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