UnPluggd : The Startup Conference

Sat 24th Jun 2017 - Sat 24th Jun 2017 09:00 AM - 09:00 PM Park Plaza Bengaluru, Bengaluru
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UnPluggd : The Startup Conference


UnPluggd: Meet 500+ Founders, Investors and Geeks

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This UnPluggd, we take you back to the beginning. That is, how to build a great company!
Attended by geeks, entrepreneurs, investors and product/marketing teams, UnPluggd breaks through the clutter – we promise you will go back feeling inspired and awesome!

The company has been through a series of events – right from lack of planning to pure execution focus - and now, growth, growth, and growth.
Meet Sidharth and Gaurav at UnPluggd, India’s most amazing startup, and product conference!

The Art of Scale
Learn the art of scale from entrepreneurs and product geeks who have been through many experiments/have a lot to share on their scale journey.

Get Inspired
UnPluggd is the ONLY conf in India wherein you get to hear ‘straight from the heart’ stories. Our speakers are very well curated and they open up to talk about struggles/failure/success and everything in between.

UnPluggd is a place to meaningfully engage with several geeks, entrepreneurs and investors! We bring in investors/angels from all over the country.




Yogi of Stayzilla on ‘Being an entrepreneur’ #Speaker

Yogi, Stayzilla Founder

Yogi of Stayzilla has seen all the different shades of entrepreneurship. He has been through a tough time in the last few months – being accused of fraud to spending so many days in the jail. As an entrepreneur, how do you handle a situation like this? How do you handle a crisis situation?

Meet Yogi at UnPluggd, India’s biggest startup conference!

Mukesh Bansal on ‘Productivity Secrets of Leaders’ [UnPluggd Speaker]

At UnPluggd, Mukesh Bansal, founder of Myntra and now CureFit will talk in depth about scaling up and importantly, how does one stay productive running a startup.

Productivity isn’t an often discussed topic in the startup and product space (hint: it’s not about installing an app!).
Expect Mukesh to drive a lot of actionable points and examples. For sure, a very fresh and practical perspective on productivity is what you should expect!

From bootstrapping to Rs 225 crores in revenue: Hear Nithin’s journey at UnPluggd

Bootstrapped startups don’t make it big. Atleast not in terms of revenue.

That’s what startup ecosystem has mostly been about. But then, there are entrepreneurs who push the limits and really go big (and stay hungry).
Meet Nithin Kamath, the founder of Zerodha at UnPluggd.

Last FY, Zerodha touched 225+ crores in revenue(with a profitability of around Rs. 90 crores). Total bootstrapped !

Nithin had been a stock trader for over a decade before founding Zerodha in 2010, India’s first discount brokerage, widely credited as being a disruptive force in the Indian broking industry. Today, Zerodha serves 3 + lakh clients who generate trading turnovers of over $2 billion daily.

– Hear Nithin’s journey at UnPluggd, India’s biggest startup and product conference !!


Meet the Wildcraft Founders at UnPluggd #Speakers

Gaurav&Siddharth of WIldcraft

What makes Wildcraft so wildly successful ? Did you know that Wildcraft’s first product in the early 1990s was a dome tent not for sale !!
Today, they are a global brand and aim to hit the revenue of Rs. 1,000 crores by 2020.
What’s the story like? What makes the brand tick? What can other entrepreneurs learn from Wildcraft?
Meet Siddharth and Gaurav of Wildcraft. They are speaking at UnPluggd and this is going to be one hell of an interactive session

About Siddharth
One part of the duo that runs Wildcraft today, Siddharth heads Wildcraft’s supply chain, production, finance, and information systems. Prior to his entrepreneurial journey at Wildcraft, he worked in leadership roles across the globe with General Electric and Hewitt Associates. His enthusiasm for numbers, technology and operational efficiency has been key to Wildcraft’s exponential growth.

Gaurav Dublish
One of the company’s owners, Gaurav is head of all things business at Wildcraft. A chance encounter having turned into a journey of a life time. Gaurav was involved with the company for over a decade while holding various leadership roles in the BFSI sector before he turned his attention fulltime to the company in 2007. The company has been through a series of events – right from lack of planning to pure executional focus – and now, growth, growth and growth.

Meet Sidharth and Gaurav at UnPluggd, India’s most amazing startup and product conference !



Sales acceleration for B2B enterprise startups #Workshop

How can B2B enterprise startups scale sales function?

Ajay Ramasubramaniam, Director at Zonestartups India is conducting a workshop with curated B2B startup founders on scaling up the sales function. Ajay oversees the flagship accelerator operations as well as leads  new initiatives, including corporate innovation programs and thematic accelerators under the Zone Startups brand. Prior to Zone Startups India, Ajay led the India Operations of a Canadian ed-tech startup; wherein he helped the company set up in India and establish its initial partnerships, as well as raise INR 150 Cr.

Ajay has also worked for the Government of Ontario, Canada for 5-years, where he was responsible for bilateral trade and investment relations between Ontario and India. He began his career working in Tanzania (East Africa) for 4 years, where he was involved in World Bank and African Development Bank projects. During this term, he assumed the role of an “intrapreneur”, and built a social enterprise in the agri-inputs value chain, wherein he built revenues in excess of $1Mn within the first 1.5 yrs.

Ajay is an MBA in Marketing & Finance and a B.Com in Financial Management from Mumbai University has 12+ years of cross-functional work experience with startups, international business and Governments, across North America, East Africa & South Asia.


Building a global SAAS startup from India: Anand Jain, CleverTap

Anand Jain, Clevertap

If you are a SAAS startup founder and wondering how can you go global, you have got a friend in Anand Jain.

Anand Jain is Co-Founder of CleverTap, the app analytics startup.
CleverTap has grown  exponentially in the last few years. The company now powers 55 billion user actions ingested monthly (FYI: 10 billion push notifications were sent via CleverTap in the month of March).

At UnPluggd, Anand will talk about the GTM strategy which CleverTap followed, why the company didn’t hire sales folks initially to building a global team (FYI: 30% of CleverTap’s revenue now comes from US market).

Creating an ecosystem and building a business in the process: Ashwin Mahesh (Lithium)

Ashwin Mahesh is an urbanist, social technologist, journalist, and researcher who studies the way cities are growing in India. He studied to be an astronomer and an Antarctic climate scientist, but since returning to Bangalore in 2005, he has focused on urban development and public problem solving.

In 2006, he founded the social technology lab, Mapunity, which he still leads. Mapunity works to apply technology to tackle developmental challenges in cities – in areas of transport, water supply, energy, climate change, public safety and governance.

At UnPluggd this year, Ashwin will talk about his latest initiative, Lithium, India’s first electric mobility solution for urban transport. Within a span of 18 months, Lithium has created a new ecosystem for transport based on electric vehicles. And along the way, the company has helped solve challenges in product development, energy supply and management, market creation, and engineering. As the nation begins to embrace electric mobility in a big way, Lithium has an early start on an exciting new journey – with a triple bottom-line focus from day one.


UnPluggd : The Startup Conference
Park Plaza Bengaluru, 89/1, Service Road, Marathahalli Village, Marathahalli,
Bengaluru, Karnataka, India (get direction)
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