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Workshop - User Experience Design & Prototyping

Workshop - User Experience Design & Prototyping

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Workshop - User Experience Design & Prototyping


Product Innovation Academy User Experience Design & Prototyping  Workshop is a 2 days comprehensive professional certification program, provides a solid foundation and enhances existing knowledge and practical skills in UX design and research. Strengthen or build your UX skillset. Increase your credibility and perceived competence among colleagues, clients, and managers.

Through hands-on demonstrations and real-world case studies, participants will leave this workshop with a bird’s eye view of the many powerful tools and techniques that produce remarkable product and user experiences.

Workshop Agenda

Introduction to User Experience Design : Everyone is a Designer Discussion on UX in everyday life and industry

Prototyping the UX : Understanding High Fidelity and Low Fidelity Prototypes, Prototyping tools.

Information Architecture, Personas and User Scenarios : Making sense of Research Information, Gaining Insights, Affinity Diagramming, Task Flows and User Scenarios, Storyboarding in UX, Designing with humans in mind.

Ideation techniques: Elements of Visual Design, Typography : Building the UX grounds up The double diamond process / DCI technique Gestalt’s Laws, Grids, Typography

UX Process(es), Market vs User vs Design Research, UX cross platforms, mediums and devices : User Centred Design Processes Waterfall vs Agile vs Lean, The importance of Research, Design Research vs other research, Research methods to inform the design process, Introduce Assignment Project.

Product Management & UX, Myths of UX,Product System Harmonization, Usability Audits : Understanding Systems Design, Dependencies Mapping, What if scenario generation. Features vs Delight discussion UX / Product Delight Road Map Generation, Heuristic Evaluation.

Workshop Takeaway / Benefits

- At the end of the workshop, professional can expect to bring the following advantages to their jobs.

- Understanding the value of design in the Product Development process

- Learn the different components of User Experience Design

- Familiarizing with the UX processes

- Understanding the web medium and the role of design in it

- The Subjectivity and Objectivity in Design

- Basics of Typography and its importance in Design and Product Interface

- Gestalt's laws for better aesthetic interfaces

- The notion of designing with Grids

- Hands on experience with prototyping

- Understanding to do a Usability Audit

Who's it for?

Product Innovation Academy Workshop is ideal for business professionals in the following profile.

UI-UX Architect

Product Manager

User Experience Designer & Lead Designer

Engineering Manager

Project Manager

Creative & UI Designer

Program Manager

Dev. Leads / Dev. Managers

Agile Product Owners

Technical Product Managers

QA Leads / QA Managers

Business Analyst

About the workshop

Duration : 2 Days
Workshop start at 9.00am and finish at 6:00pm.

Class size : 15
No more than 15 participants - enough so you have other people to learn from but not too many that you're lost in the crowd.

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