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Sun 30th Aug 2020 - Sun 20th Sep 2020 08:00 AM - 08:00 PM SWASWARA - CGH EART, GOKARNA



Did you know that we are the first generation expected to live less than our grandparents?

Did you know that 3 out of 4 Indians are dying today from “preventable” lifestyle diseases like diabetes, heart disease, cancer, etc?

Did you know that many more people are suffering from pain, discomfort and being prescribed medications at younger ages than ever before in history as a direct consequence of their food and lifestyle choices?

Did you know that there is a way to not only prevent but also permanently REVERSE lifestyle diseases?

SHARAN has been working for over fourteen years in the area of preventing and reversing lifestyle diseases through food and nutrition. No medicines, no surgery, no gimmicks, no expensive supplements, no imported or extraordinary foods – just some simple, scientific information, tips and practices about what to avoid and how to prepare your food to retain more fiber and nutrition. Everyone can learn to do this and become their own doctor and lead a healthier and happier life.

Each summer we run a 21-day residential program in one of the most beautiful health resorts in India. This will be a relaxing, educative, healing and fun vacation that can change your health destiny!

Our day to day program will include

  • Health checkups
  • Yoga and pranayama with resident teachers
  • Theory and experiential sessions
  • Interactive cooking classes
  • Meditation and Yog Nidra
  • Private consultations
  • Art therapy with the resident artist
  • Exercise, games, walks, swimming, fun
  • Films on health and wellbeing

Optional activities included in the package:

  • Treks, nature walks and bird watching with resident naturalists
  • Cultural programs
  • One guided visit to Gokarna temple, village, and weekly market
  • One free Ayurvedic massage per person

Your Investment & How to Apply

Early Bird Rate
(Till 2nd June 2020)
Regular Rate
(After 2nd June 2020)

Single (Rs)Twin (Rs)Single (Rs)Twin (Rs)
*Registration fee to reserve your space25,00025,00025,00025,000
Balance amount to be paid by 20th April 20203,65,0003,04,5003,88,6003,28,100
Total amount if all documents & payments are received by 18th June 20203,90,0003,29,5004,13,6003,53,100
Total amount if all documents OR payments are received after 18th June 20204,11,0003,50,5004,34,6003,74,100

The above rates includes 18% GST.

To speak to someone for more information regarding this program please contact us at events@wellcure.com

Procedure to apply for this program  –

Send us the patient data form (attached with registration confirmation mail) filled with supporting scanned reports and make the payment of Rs. 25,000 (Registration Advance) all at one time. Data to be sent to seminars@sharan-india.org.

Only if you can benefit will you be accepted. In this case, the registration fee is non-refundable. If you are not accepted, this Rs. 25,000 will be returned to you.

The balance payment is to be paid before 18th June only through RTGS/bank transfer/bank deposit into the SHARAN bank account

For complete payment of the program contact us at - events@wellcure.com

This price includes Group transfers from and to Goa airport or Gokarna Road / Kumta / Madgaon stations, lab tests, meals, doctor’s checkups and consultations, classes, therapies, leisure activities, cultural evening and temple visit, during the program. One year post-program support by a SHARAN health advisor by phone or email. The goal is to get you back to perfect health within this period.

What it does not include: Any medical treatment that may be required outside SwaSwara, personal laundry charges and tips. SwaSwara has an excellent laundry facility.

*Note: Rs. 25,000 Registration amount to be paid at the time of registration and the balance amount by 18th June 2020. There is a Rs 20,000 surcharge for payments or documents received after 18th June 2020.

Please note that if you wish to share a room, you should let us know at the time of booking. It is best if you find a friend to share the room with as we cannot ensure an amicable match. If someone else of the same sex applies who also wants to share, we will put you together. If no share is found for you at the time when we are full, then you will be given a choice to take a room at a single occupancy or withdraw your application.

The medium of instruction is English. Anyone who joins must understand basic English otherwise he/she will miss too much. At this point, we are unable to provide this program in other languages.

Refund Policy:  Registration amount of Rs. 25,000 is non-refundable. Cancellations before 27th August 2020 are eligible for a 75% refund of the remaining amount. No refunds after 27th August 2020.

Will this program be good for you?

This program is especially useful for

  • Those who want to reverse lifestyle diseases and are willing to make dietary changes
  • Those who want to know how to keep themselves and their families well by learning all they can about health and nutrition
  • Doctors, nutritionists, health coaches, cooking instructors or laypeople who want to help reverse diseases through nutrition
  • Those who want to lose weight or get rid of diseases but ‘do not have will power’ and need hand-holding to begin.
  • Those who are willing to learn and grow all the time.

This program is not ideal for

  • Those who cannot understand English instruction. Since our program is currently in English a non-English speaker would miss a lot.
  • Those who frequently have medical emergencies.
  • Those who need frequent hospitalization and interventions like dialysis etc.
  • Those who are not self-reliant, unable to walk, climb two flights of stairs.
  • Those who have psychiatric illnesses.
  • Those who are frequently travelling, or cannot be in control of what they are eating (living in a hostel, air hostess, etc).

About Swaswara

We have chosen SwaSwara for the magical healing energy of this place. The tranquil ambiance, the sea, the lush greenery, the hills as well as the beautiful individual villas, the holistic planning and the attitude of the staff will stand out to make your stay comfortable and memorable. SwaSwara at Gokarna is easy to reach by air (Goa airport) and by train on the Konkan Railway. www.swaswara.com