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Natural Health & Weight Loss Consultant at your fingertips

Reverse your diseases with easy diet plans and trigger your weight loss journey with fast, convenient and easy access for all you need to know about losing those unwanted kilos, naturally. Transform your diet, your body, and your life for the better and reverse diseases like constipation, diabetes, thyroid, PCOD, etc. 

Ms. Ruchika Dawar is a renowned wellness coach and nutritionist. She is well known for helping people lose inches and kilos with constant guidance.

Learn what being healthy actually entails with the help of your personal consultant. She can help you with problems like constipation, and/or ulcers. 

She is an expert at what she does and has had experience with treating weight-related problems for people with diseases like thyroid, PCOD, and PCOS as well as diabetes. 

In this natural health consultation program, you will be in one on one contact with Ms. Ruchika Dawar who you will provide you with details of exactly what you need to do to reverse your diseases and lose those unwanted kilos.

Inclusions of the program:

  • Reviews of your current problems
  • Calculation of BMI
  • Personalized weekly diet hart
  • Personalized weekly exercise regime
  • A routine that is unique to your needs
  • Reverse diseases like diabetes, ulcers, thyroid, PCOD, etc. 
  • Develop and track the customized diet and nutrition plan to achieve your goals. 
  • Complete nutritional assessment to best meet food preferences and avoid allergies, if any.
  • Answering your queries to live a healthier lifestyle.   

Highlights of the program:

  • Through WhatsApp, Phone calls, if necessary. (For absolute ease and convenience)
  • Personal attention to your needs and requirements
  • Tips and tricks to reverse your diseases & lose weight fast which is unique for you.

How it works?

  • Ms. Dawar will first assess your needs and requirements based on your assessment form.
  • Sharing of all your measurements and current routine with Ms. Dawar.
  • Ms. Dawar will provide a weekly diet chart based on your health problems.
  • Ms. Dawar will provide you with ways and techniques to help your body’s shape and size based on your individual needs.
  • Ms. Dawar can be contacted at any time of the day on Whatsapp and you can expect prompt replies.
  • Ms. Dawar can be your holistic, health & weight loss wellness coach who will not only provide you with details about how to adopt a healthy lifestyle, what to eat and how to exercise but will also motivate you on days you just don’t feel up for it.

Reversing diseases & losing weight has never been as easy. Book your slot with us soon, so that you can shed get rid of your health problems and those extra kilos at the earliest. Welcome the lovely you with this perfectly crafted natural health & weight loss program.

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Price:  Use Discount Code: NH15 to get Flat 15% OFF on all plans

  • Regular Price: Rs. 3,000/- for 1 month
  • Regular Price: Rs. 8,000/- for 3 months
  • Regular Price: Rs. 15,000/- for 6 months

Cancellation Policy: No Refund