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Natural Health Consultation

Health is a comprehensive term which entails being in good shape, not just physically but also mentally and biologically. The ability of the body to protect itself from disease and it’s capacity to bounce back from illness defines the basis of being healthy. It is the state at which the body is supposed to remain naturally by being in constant touch with nature. By adopting simple and conscious lifestyle practices one can restore lost health as well as achieve an optimal state of health. If the mind is happy so is the body and vice versa. If one is healthy he or she will be able to attain the optimum level of happiness.

After the Natural Health Consultation provided by our consultant you will be able to figure out the correct lifestyle practices to enable you to restore your lost health, prevent as well as be able to reverse the effects of lifestyle diseases. Other than this you will also be able to optimize your self-healing mechanism.

This session will empower you with various ways to maintain a healthy weight according to your lifestyle and will provide you with tips and tricks to attain your wellness goals.

About the consultant: V S Vinoth Kumar is a Wellness Coach and a Natural Lifestyle Practitioner. He has been exploring Natural and Holistic wellness for several years now. He is an alumni of the NIT, Trichy. In 2010 he founded a business and technology startup. In 2014 he developed several health issues as a result of living an unconscious lifestyle. He understood that he needed to improve, as he started this process of restoring his health he learned Nature Cure from Dr. Arun Sharma and various other well known practitioners. He learned Bach Flower Remedies, Craniosacral Therapy, Neuro-Linguistic Programing and a few other Interventions. In 2016, Mr. Kumar left this startup and founded Vagaai Wellness. Through his coaching and educational programs, he has successfully empowered Thousands of Lives.

Consultation Fee: Rs. 3000/-

Inclusive of 1) 1.5 hours of telephonic consultation.

                     2) Access to Whatsapp Wellness Support Group.

                    3) Will also provide access to periodic Wellness Webinars.