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Revitalize- this is a 4-week comprehensive program including on the following:

1.) Face to face meetings every week to discuss, challenges faced, progress made and well as a way to move forward. If the client is not available for a meeting 1-hour phone call can be scheduled based on the needs of the client.

2.) An hourly yoga session every week, which can be conducted online/ face to face based on the client’s needs and availability.

3.) For the duration of the program Miss. Dawar will provide constant support on Whatsapp if need be.

4.) Weekly sharing of recipes on Whatsapp, specially curated shopping list with various organic food options, and tips to follow when eating out.

Duration:  2 hrs per week (1 hr nutrition + 1 hr yoga)

Price: Rs. 2000/- per week or One-month payment of Rs. 7000/-

About the Presenter: Ruchika Dawar is a renowned wellness professional who helps individuals assess their physical as well as an emotional state so as to empower them to set realistic goals to achieve an overall state of good emotional and physical health. To add to her skill set, she is a natural wellness coach who works with her clients to create long- term sustainable strategies to help transform their lives in more ways than one. She does this by providing her clients with personalized organic diet plans, yoga regimes and providing assistance in any other way required by the clients.
Depending upon the clients' area of focus, Miss. Dawar can help you curate a regime that will suit your lifestyle as well as ensure that you achieve your wellness goals in the most natural, healthy and sustainable way possible. In the past she has guided her clients with an array of wellness strategies including yoga sessions, meditation, pranayama, consultation for the right nutrition (uniquely curated for each client based on his/ her needs), various plant-based cooking workshops, nut-based butter making, vegan cheese-making techniques as well as the uses and advantages of bio enzymes. According to the many clients that she has helped and worked with in the past she has been described by them as focussed, enthusiastic, disciplined and precise. She is a professional who is dedicated to her cause with commendable communication and interpersonal skills. All these will add to your experience if you do end up booking a session with her.