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Best Practices to Create an Event

Best Practices to Create an Event

To meet the expectations of ticket buyers and offer a successful event, a well-coordinated relationship is a must between us and your event team.

You might be an event veteran who worked already with us or this might be the first time you are going to work with Goeventz, we expect that these tips will be really helpful for you in creating an ideal event.


The event banner must have relevant details like date and event name. It should not have your name, contact number, email id or website links. Here is a good example -


Event Name

The event name should accurately explain the event. Here are some of the guidelines -

  • The event name can have up to 60-90 characters

  • Event name should be grammatically correct

  • The first letter of the event name must be capitalized

  • It should not include symbols or special characters

Venue | Location | City | Country

Locality and event venue details should be clearly mentioned.

Date  | Time

You should precisely mention the following details -

  • Start-end date of your event

  • Start-end time of your event

Event Tickets

Event MUST have tickets to get listed on Goeventz. For free events, the ticket could be of zero price.

Ticket Name - It should be clearly mentioned.

Description - The description of the event must have complete details.

Price - Make sure that your event ticket price should not vary from the price listed on other event sites. The ticket price must be same on Goeventz and other websites.



  • Highlights  

Kindly mention the highlights of your events. Make sure that your event is logically organized and proper arrangements are made.

  • Inclusions

You need to mention all the facilities that will be provided at the event venue. Here is a good example -

Inclusions - Entry + Food | Ticket price per person | 20% Online booking discount is already applied All Days |

  • Exclusions

If you are creating a travel event, then you need to define what all will not be included in your package or itinerary. So, customers can assume that remaining thing will be provided by the event organizers.

  • Goal/Objective

You need to mention your agenda or objective behind event management as it will help in monitoring the feedback.

  • Performers/Speakers

You must provide the names of performers, celebrities or speakers that are set to attend your event.


It is advisable not to mention your contact/mobile numbers, email ids, and external links while listing your event on our platform.

We encourage you to create your Organization Page and include all these details on that page. The organization page is like a mini website. There, you can mention about your team, upload photos and videos of your work, and more. For reference, you can check out the following link -



Call to Action

Choose the correct call to action for your event. Here is an example -

For marathons and workshops, you can select register as the call to action. Similarly, for music and entertainment events, you can select buy tickets or book now as the call to action.

Refund & Cancellation Policy

Kindly mention your refund and cancellation policy.

Terms & Conditions

If your event has some terms and conditions, then do not forget to include them. 

Restricted Content

The content policy plays a major role in providing seamless experience to organizers as well as users. Kindly join us within this effort through respecting the following guidelines -

  • Follow the best practices means your content should be free from grammatical errors

  • Content must feature clear information about the author as well as easily-accessible contact info like phone numbers, email, and address. Also, the posts along with bylines and datelines

  • Promotional or advertising material on the pages must not exceed the content

  • Goeventz doesn’t permit sharing of person’s confidential and identifiable information. For instance - financial information or medical records

  • We don’t permit the content that breaks the intellectual property rights of anybody and responds to alleged copyright’ notices. Repeated acts like this will be responsible for your account termination

  • Goeventz do not allow sexually explicit content which features direct sexual imagery

  • We do not permit content that glorifies violence or graphic violent material

  • Goeventz do not permit content promoting harassment or violence against the group or individual based on religion, gender, veteran status, age, gender identity or sexual orientation

  • Dangerous as well as illegal content, such as eating disorders, drug abuse or self-mutilation is strictly prohibited by Goeventz. In addition, we do not permit the content utilized to threaten or support the violent organizations

  • We do not permit sponsored content like editorial or independent content

  • We at Goeventz do not permit the content like sending messages that are intended to bully, harass, or sexually or physically threaten others

  • Goevent does not allow the repetitive content, gimmicky character usage or misspellings. Also, we do not permit the links to viruses, malware or harmful software

Support Details

The event organizer should provide complete details, such as name, contact number and email-id for event-related queries.