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Creating coupons in bulk

Coupons can be created in bulk when you want to create more than one coupon for the customers to avail discount for your event. Bulk coupons can be used for various purposes for eg. you want to distribute your coupon codes in different cities and keep a track of how many coupons were used. You can generate coupons in bulk and keep a track of them.

To create a Bulk Coupon click on "Create Coupons in Bulk" in the manage coupon section. Give your coupon a coupon name and bulk generated coupon code. You can also add a prefix code to the coupon. Specify the start and end date for the coupon (when it will be applicable). Also specify the coupon type whether customers can avail a fixed amount of discount or whether it will be certain percentage of the total amount. Specify the quantity of bulk coupons to be generated. Also check the ticket type to which the coupon is added and click on Save to save the changes.