GoEventz Help Center
Event Details

A. Give a title to your event

Add an "Event Title" to get started. Give your event a short (keep it under 125 characters) and meaningful name.


B. Set the venue location.

You can enter your venue or  just the city and state in the address field (or start typing for predictive completion). Your location will show up on the Google map at the bottom, which shows up on your event listing.

You can also select "Enter address" to manually enter an address if Google doesn’t recognize your location or you can select "Use past location". You can designate your event as online only by selecting the link "Online event" under the "Location" field. Use the "Reset Location" link to restart if your address isn’t right.


C. Select the date, time and time zone.

Mention the start and end date & time of your event. Also select the time zone as per the country location where the event is to be held.


D. Add an event image.

Click in the field "Event Image" to upload an event image that is suitable for your event.


E. Share the details and other important information about your event.

Give an overview to your event. Include information like what all your event is about, whom it is for, your contact information, and what all is going to happen in the event.


NOTE: At any point you can choose to "Save" your event and return later or "Preview" to see what it looks like. You can update "Event Details" at any time, even after publishing.