GoEventz Help Center
Other Settings

A. You can choose to make your page private or public.

private page is not posted publicly. While a public page gets posted to Goeventz website and all search engines.


B. Call to action

Choose the option serving the purpose of your event. Whether the user can buy the ticket or the ticket is for registration purpose or it is for donation.


C. Select your event category

Select the category that best describes your event. For eg. - concert, health & fitness, sports and so on.


D. Select your event type

Select the type which best suits your event.


E. Add keywords for your event

To optimise the search of your event you can add 3 to 5 keywords separated by a comma. You can also choose to show the remaining tickets on event page.

F. Add social links

You can add social links to your event to give the user more detailed information about the event and your organization. They can also connect with you easily by giving the social links.