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Goeventz is an innovative online booking platform utilized by both event organizers and customers. Our revolutionary and feature-rich web platform enables organizers to sell event tickets online, perform promotional activities, and allow customers to book tickets online. 

We offer tickets to people who are passionate regarding sports events, trade fairs, exhibitions, festivals, musical and food events. Themed locations with water and amusement attractions are some of our most popular ones preferred by families and individuals in the Delhi NCR region.

With the summer of 2019 on in full swing, visiting parks themed parks with your loved ones is the best way to get some much-needed relief.

The Delhi NCR region is one of the most important urban hubs in India, with a great number of popular water, theme and amusement parks. The NCR region has fantastic amusement options which we at Goeventz can help you explore. We provide updated information regarding the best amusement parks, themed destinations and water parks in Delhi. There are enough options in major NCR parks to keep you occupied from morning to night.

Create a Splash and Enjoy Thrilling Rides with Goeventz If you are looking for some adventure and fun with your loved ones, browse through the NCR section of our website. Leading theme parks in NCR are spread out across New Delhi, Gurugram, Ghaziabad, Noida, Sonipat, Greater Noida, and several other urban centers. The vast selection of theme and water parks listed by us are enough to make your summertime eventful.

On our website, you will get information regarding the rides and attractions being offered at each park. You can get a better idea about the parks you want to visit. From thrilling amusement park rides, fun and relaxing water activities and themed events, we offer a world of options to you. We put in all our efforts to find and list the top booking options for you. Our associations with leading event organizers and park owners help us offer the best deals and discounts. You can instantly book your tickets for some of the best water parks in the NCR region. We are the all-important link between famous parks and their customers. 

At Goeventz, we ensure that you have the most fun, all the time. What Perks to Expect at Leading NCR Amusement Parks NCR has excellent amusement parks and even some of the very best international-standard parks in the country. Most of them attract millions of individuals and families throughout the year. The experiences they provide are not just geared towards small children and teenagers. It is quite possible to expect attractions for each and every family member, young and old. That is what makes these theme and amusement parks special. Most NCR residents prefer frequenting water parks and themed adventure destinations during the harsh summer months. The exciting combination of rides, lip-smacking food, and beverage options and useful amenities make up thoroughly enjoyable experiences.

Apart from the amusement and water rides, many of NCR parks also host events during festivals and special occasions. Live performances from famous DJs and mass events ramp up the enjoyment to a whole new level. After you’re done having your splashing fun and nerve-wracking rides, it can be the time to shake a leg, move to the beat, and sing your heart out. The Delhi NCR region knows how to party hard, and the parks know how to meet their needs. To know about the latest events, happenings and weekend activities in NCR, all you need to do is check our website. Entry tickets purchased from us can give you a set of exclusive perks, including unlimited rides, free meal coupons, and Happy Hour deals.

While some families prefer water parks, those seeking adventure experiences can also opt for themed destinations. To make things even more interesting, some destinations in NCR offer both the experiences of water parks and amusement parks. So, there is really no limit to how much fun you can have. You can be assured of finding only the very best parks, water parks and amusement locations listed on the Goeventz platform.

Fun Experiences at NCR Theme Parks and Amusement Destinations We believe there is nothing better than some outdoor fun if you and your close ones just want to unwind. Fortunately, NCR has an impressive selection of options for individuals of every taste. On one end of the spectrum, there are locations for all-out water fun comprising of dozens of water rides. The best water parks in NCR are ideal destinations for families, groups of friends, and even the corporate crowd. The other option is going to a theme park which also has its own sets of attractions, rides, and features.

We offer you the chance to book slots for every prominent amusement park in NCR. If you are a group of people who want to celebrate together, Goeventz has got you covered. Based on the park you intend to visit, we can give you access to exclusive offers and discounts. You can book tickets to a theme park anytime during the week, and start having your weekend fun without any hassle. We have been fortunate enough to satisfy millions of NCR-based customers with our services.

Enjoy Favorable Booking Experiences with Goeventz Are you looking forward to a completely hassle-free booking experience for the best amusement parks and water parks in NCR? We make booking tickets for your favored visiting time incredibly easy. You will find a complete overview of each park on our website, along with useful details needed before booking. We can guarantee accurate information regarding opening and closing times, basic amenities, rides and attractions, addresses, contact information, and more. If a park has some rules and regulations for guests to follow, you can expect to find the same on our website. We want NCR residents to make completely informed ticket purchase decisions, to ensure the best possible experience.

Our platform is incredibly easy to use and preferred by millions of NCR region residents every season. On it, you will find listings for the most visited theme parks, water parks, and amusement locations. All you need to do is click on buy and you will land on the ticket booking page. You can instantly select the day of your visit, choose the type of tickets you want, and click the ‘Buy Tickets’. We offer a 100% secure encrypted online payment system, and timely offers on leading e-wallets. 

Buying tickets for amusement parks in Delhi, Gurugram, Noida and surrounding NCR regions has never been easier. NCR residents can always seek help from our team if they run into any issues during booking. We are quite fast at resolving any payment related or other issues to reduce delays in booking slots. Goeventz has become synonymous with online ticket bookings today. We can help even if you are interested in buying tickets to weekend activities, water parks and amusement parks in Delhi on very short notice. Rely on us for the best amusement experience.

If you face any problems during the booking phase or want our help, our professionals are always prepared to listen. Select an NCR amusement park you love and get the best possible experience.