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Sadda Pind - The Best Tourist Destination in Amritsar, Amritsar

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Sadda Pind is a Punjabi Culture Living Village Museum spread across 12 acres of land. It brings you a chance to experience authentic culture, colors, and flavors of Punjab in one place. Situated in the holy city of Amritsar, just 8 KM from Golden Temple and 7 KM from Airport, Sadda Pind offers a perfect setting for a weekend getaway or a short stay with family and friends. The people behind Sadda Pind have over 29 years of experience in hospitality and administration. Sadda Pind is an endeavor to redefine Punjabi culture and hospitality through commitment and world-class service. Sadda Pind offers something new for everyone. The young can reconnect with their roots and understand the traditions and values of their fathers and forefathers. The elderly can remember their happier times. Foreign tourists can sample the true Indian rustic lifestyle. Tourists from other states can experience the true Punjab in one place.


At Sadda Pind, you can experience the old world charm of Punjab through cultural performances, folk dances, local handicrafts, songs, stories and of course, cuisine. Sadda Pind is a fantastic place to connect with the Punjabi roots and experience live Punjabi culture around it. It recreates a Punjabi village in the true sense. As a guest, you can see, participate and interact with people from the village and their culture. Sadda Pind has everything to keep you busy and entertained for an entire day. It offers day packages and also stays packages. You can learn a traditional art or create a masterpiece of your own. Phulkari, Punjabi jutti, clay toys and utensils, ironwork, durries, agricultural implements are some of the traditional arts showcased here. Punjab can never be complete without its music and dances. At Sadda Pind, treat your senses to the vibrance and beats of traditional Punjabi folk dances like bhangra, gidha, jhumar, and kikli.


Your trip to Punjab is incomplete without savoring its authentic flavors. At Sadda Pind, you can sample the traditional North Indian or authentic Punjabi cuisine at Chayee Ji Ka Vehra, the Dhaba at Sadda Pind. We offer an a la carte menu as well as a traditional thali. Kadhi chawal, Amritsari naan, lassi, Makki Di Roti, Sarso da Saag, naan, rotis, rabri, kulfi are a few of our specialties.


Cultural Activities

How many of us have seen traditional Punjabi Gidda, Bhangra, Live Jago and Ladies Sangeet in recent times? We get to see these cultural activities only during weddings or at the time of some special occasions. Our cultural heritage gives us a sense of belongingness & draw us closer to our rich heritage. Saada Pind has brought our glorifying culture under one roof. At Saada Pind, you will get to see Bhangra, Gidda, Live ladies sangeet and Live Jago. Besides enjoying these cultural activities, you can also take part in these activities.

Traditional Activities

Today's tech-savvy generation has lost connection with their roots. They have forgotten about their glorious past, culture and traditional activities. Now, taking a stroll down to memory lane has become very easy, You are just required to visit Saada Pind to refresh your old memories. You can enjoy Jaadugar or Magician Show, Sikh Martial Art (Gatka), Puppet Show, Bioscope Show, Live Pandit, Maalish Wala and Mehndi Wala under one roof. Because we are committed to connecting you with Punjabi roots, that why we call Sadda Pind as living Museum.

Fun Games

Are you tired of seeing your kids glued to the sofa and playing video games? Well… It's time to drag them out in the real world and let them experience some real-life fun. However, in this modern & fast-paced world, everybody has forgotten about their roots. If you are one of those who loves to play real outdoor games and have fun with family, then visit Sadda Pind. We made efforts to design some exciting, fun-filled & forgotten games for you and your family to have an unforgettable experience.

Fun Ride

Saada Pind has comprised various tactics & fun activities to keep you busy and enthralled once you enter the premises. Have you ever ride on a camel? Horse? If not then it is the time to encash this opportunity and experience this new riding experience.


Your trip to Punjab is incomplete without savoring its authentic flavors. At Sadda Pind, you can sample the traditional North Indian or authentic Punjabi cuisine at Chayee Ji Ka Vehra, the Dhaba at Sadda Pind. We offer an a la carte menu as well as a Traditional Food - Makki Di Roti, Sarson da Saag, 



  •  Visit Farmer House and enjoy Chatti di Lassi, Makki di Roti and Sarson da saag.
  •  Learn how to spin Charkha.
  •  Visit Fulkari House and learn how to make Fulkari and try your hands making one.
  •  Visit Nambardar House and learn how to Grind Flour using traditional hand grinder (Chakki).
  •  Visit Weaver House to learn how to Weave.
  •  Visit Weapon House and buy some traditional swords for memory.
  •  Visit Wedding Hall to experience traditional Punjab Wedding celebrations.
  •  Visit Sarpanch House and meet the village Head and he will brief you about his village.
  •  Visit Paranda House and learn how to make Parandas and try your hands in making one.
  •  Visit Musician House and listen to some classical Folk Music.
  •  Get your memories clicked by Photographer (Chargeable).
  •  Visit Zamindar Haveli to see how the village landlord used to live.
  •  At Zamindar Haveli you can also join our ladies sangeet celebrations.
  •  Visit the village post office.
  •  Learn How popcorns are made on the earthen oven.
  •  Coachman House (Tonga Rider House).
  •  Enjoy Horse and camel Riding (Chargeable).
  •  Visit Hakim House and see how he prepares medicines (Ayurvedic Medicines).
  •  Visit Potter House to learn the art of pottery and try your hands on it.
  •  Visit Blacksmith House to see the art and try your hands on it .
  •  Visit Carpenter House to see the art and try your hands on it.
  •  Enjoy Traditional Folk Dances (Bhangra and Gidda).
  •  Balloon Seller (Chargeable).
  •  Scissors and Knife Sharpening.
  •  Fun Games (Chargeable).
  •  Fun Rides (Chargeable).
  •  Tattoo Maker (Chargeable).
  •  Have a Mehndi art and Hairstyling done.
  •  Enjoy the art of Balance by Long man and Rope Dancer.
  •  Pandit Ji (Chargeable).
  •  Enjoy Traditional Puppet show.
  •  Relive your childhood by playing Marbles (Kanche) or by flying Kites.
  •  Show Your physical strength by taking part in Tug of War.
  •  Enjoy a performance by Punjabi Baazigars
  •  Enjoy Gatka Performance (Traditional Sikh Martial Arts).
  •  Get a free Head Massage.
  •  Participate in various games & activities.
  •  See how a Magician weaves, magic around you.
  •  Shopping complex for buying traditional Punjabi artifacts and souvenirs.
  •  Biggest Cot in Punjab.
  •  Enjoy Scrumptious traditional cuisine at Chayee Ji Da Vehra.



  • Adult: Rs.750 INR
  • Children: Rs.600/- *(UPTO 4 FEET HEIGHT)
  • Timings - 10:30 AM - 10:00 PM 
  • Last entry - 08:00 PM
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Sadda Pind - Online Bookings
Sadda Pind - The Best Tourist Destination in Amritsar, Grand Trunk Rd, Shori Nagar,
Amritsar, Punjab, India (get direction)
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