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A well planned & targeted marketing push can help your event stand out from the crowd. Select a plan to bring maximum reach and visibility to your event.

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Economy Plan
Ideal to reach & engage with high potential event goers (20k+ reach)
9,999per event
Featured 4999
Sponsored 1499
Facebook Post 4999
Instagram Post 1999
Twitter Post 999
9,999 Save 4496
Most Popular
Ultimate Plan
Ideal to reach, engage & re-market to high potential event goers (50k+ reach)
19,999per event
Sponsored 1499
Facebook Post 4999
Instagram Post 1999
Twitter Post 999
Top Banner 9999
Google Display Remarketing 9999
19,999 Save 9495
Custom Plan
Ideal solution when you want to build your own promotion plan.
per event
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Top Banner

With more than 5,00,000 visitors monthly, Top Banner is the most popular section of Goeventz.

  • Highest visibility and reach
  • Topmost branding tool
  • Engage Millennial audience

Facebook Post

Facebook post is the best tool to create customer engagement worldwide. At Goeventz, we create a dedicated post of your event on our facebook page.

  • Precise targetings
  • Paid Promotion

Instagram Post

Grow your event influence through a dedicated post of your event on our instagram channel.

  • Best platform to reach millennial users
  • Paid Promotion

Twitter Post

Reach the large user base through a dedicated post of your event on our twitter page.

  • Connect with over 67 million users
  • Paid Promotion

Google Display Remarketing

Google Display Remarketing enables the websites to display targeted advertisements to the people, who have visited their website earlier. We will create the display ads to help you attain more popularity.

  • High conversion rates
  • Low cost per clickss

Blog Post

Blog post is an ideal way to reach a huge number of clients, available online.

  • Instant publicity and marketing
  • High customer engagement

Frequently Asked Questions

Goeventz is the best event discovery platform that attracts a huge number of visitors and has high conversion rates. We cover all the genre events, including music concerts, entertainment, trade fairs, conferences, seminars, workshops, marathons, health and fitness, sports, theme park and new year. We do innovative event marketing strategies in order to ensure maximum visibility over the website and social media platforms to create customer engagement as well as boost the event tickets sales.
At Goeventz, we have a dedicated team of experts, such as event campaign managers, digital marketers, content strategists, and creative designers. They efficiently manage the social media platforms and ensure that event marketing strategy do wonders for you.
These marketing plans are valid for 30 days until the end date of the event. If you just have 15 or 20 days left for the event, still you can purchase the marketing plan at full payment and we will work vigorously to promote your event. However, if you have only one week left for the event, then we will advise you not to purchase the marketing plan.
After receiving your order, our marketing team will contact you within 24-48 hours to discuss, plan and execute the event promotion plan.
You will receive an email containing all the payment order details. In case, you don’t receive an email from our side, then reach us at

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