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Content Policies

Event Content Policies

Event Content Policies
To meet the expectations of ticket buyers and offer a successful event, a well-coordinated relationship is a must between us and your event team. Keeping this in mind, we have prepared the event content policies that you must follow to list your event on our platform.  

Authorised to sell online
You must be the organizer/marketer/promoter of the event and must have the authorization by the Event Organizers to sell their event tickets online. 

Event Banner
The event banner should not have your name, contact number, email id or website links. 

Event Name
The event name should accurately explain the event and it should be short.

Venue | Location
Venue, Location, City & Country should be clearly mentioned. 

Date | Time
Start & end date as well as time of the event should be precisely mentioned.

Event Tickets
Event MUST have paid tickets to get listed on Goeventz.  

Event overview section should include information such as event highlights, event details, inclusions, exclusions, performers, speakers etc.
 Do not mention your contact/mobile numbers, email ids, external links and any restricted content while listing your event on our platform.


Restricted Content
The content policy plays a major role in providing seamless experience to organizers as well as users. Kindly join us within this effort through respecting the following guidelines -

Spam & Malware
We at Goeventz do not permit repetitive content, gimmicky character usage or misspellings. In addition, we do not allow the links to viruses, malware or harmful software. 

Cyberbullying & Harassment 
We at Goeventz do not permit the content like sending messages that are intended to bully, harass, or sexually or physically threaten others 

Sexually Explicit Content 
Goeventz do not allow sexually explicit content which features direct sexual imagery

Graphic Violent Content 
We do not permit content that glorifies violence or graphic violent material

Nasty Content 
Goeventz do not permit content promoting harassment or violence against the group or individual based over religion, gender, veteran status, age, gender identity or sexual orientation

Illegal and Dangerous Content 
We do not allow illegal and dangerous content, such as eating disorders, drug abuse or self mutilation is strictly prohibited by Goeventz. In addition, we do not permit the content utilized to threaten or support the violent organizations

Sponsored Content
Goeventz do not permit sponsored content as editorial or independent content 

Copyrighted Content
We don’t permit the content that break anybody’s intellectual property rights as well as respond to alleged copyright infringement’ notices. Unfollowing the intellectual property rights would result in your account termination.

Important NoteFailing to any of the above-mentioned guidelines will result in no listing of banner and your access might be banned.